Sunday Sevens enables you to share 7 photos from your week. Visit Nat’s blog for full details in how to participate.   

 As I predicted, it was another busy week at school as term got properly underway. 

1.  We’ve had a few lovely sunny days so I’ve been trying to get out and about with the dogs, and walk before the weather takes a permanent turn for the worse. 

 2.  Our Year 5 class went on a residential to Hathersage. I waved them off from the station in Sheffield, and as it was a beautiful evening I took this as I waited for my train back to Worksop. 

 3.  I made a late night trip to Meadowhall promoted by White Stuff having a 20% off promotion. I bought the below plus a dress and scarf. 

 4.  I was so tired by Friday that TV and dog cuddles were about as much as I could manage. 

 5.  Had my hair cut and roots done. 

 6.  New walking trainers! I get through them quite quickly so hoping these North Face ones last a while. 

 7.  I haven’t eaten out for a couple of weeks, but yesterday had this tuna and prawn Caesar salad, which turned out to be too huge for me to finish – unheard of! 

 Tomorrow I’m going on a residential trip to France, so today I’ve been busy packing and purchasing supplies for the journey. My healthier eating has gone fairly well again this week but will be suspended for the next week in favour of cheese, baguettes and pain au chocolat. It’s a hard job…

The downside is no dog walks for a few days, but luckily Sunday morning was beautiful, hence the bonus 8th picture. Have a lovely week et a bientot!