What will be my final Sunday Sevens of 2015 (I’m not quite sure how I have totalled 51 rather than 52…) is a day late again, but I’m invoking the Bank Holiday clause that means it’s ok.

I’ve just finished photographing the contents of my #stitchingsanta as well as some other crafting gifts, but I’m hopeful that I’ll still have seven photos from the first half of the Christmas holiday.

1. I got up and out bright and early last Sunday and experimented a little with my camera.  I have no idea what this blossom is, but I liked how delicate and unexpected it was amongst the many bare trees at this time of year.

2. Finally parcelled up and posted MY #stitchingsanta. As yet I haven’t seen anything from the recipient but I’m hoping it arrived with her safely.  3.   I went on a lovely dog walk in the daylight ~ a rarity at this time of year. I’m always on the lookout for wildlife, especially birds, while I’m walking.

 4.  I was busy sewing right until Christmas Eve, making two gifts plus a practice blouse for me. Blog post coming soon.

 5.  It has been so unseasonably mild, so my only regret on a Boxing Day dog walk was that I had negligently left my camera at home. iPhone and Instagram stood in.

 6.  My uncle collects antique clocks, and asked if I would like one of the ones he was looking to replace. It’s French and from around 1880, and looks just beautiful on the living room wall.

 7. To say Christmas Day went by in a flash would be an understatement, so disappointingly, I didn’t really take photos of anything or anyone on the day itself. Leftovers are probably the best part of Christmas dinner, and I still seem to have a fair few.  As a none-meat-eater, I had a delicious goats cheese and spinach pie for my Christmas dinner.

 Although I’m more than half way through my holiday, I’m still hopeful I’ll have some opportunities to relax and enjoy some unplanned time. I’ve spent some time with family which has been lovely, but holidays always remind me of what is important and the things that make me happy. Dog walks, sewing and days when I can do as much or as little as I please are what I’m hoping for over the next seven days.

I would like to wish you a happy and peaceful new year.

Sunrise 8.19am
Sunset 15.53pm