Trails v Treadmill

I’ve been planning on writing this post for a little while, and as it’s half term plus I’ve just finished reading Born to Run, now seems to be the ideal time. I toyed with the title Trails Trump Treadmill, but, despite my love of alliteration, the risk of being associated with anything Donald caused me to adjust. 

When I had completed, then blogged about my half marathon, I wondered where to go next with running. As the short days at the end of the year approached, I knew I needed to find a purpose to running to keep me motivated. With the pressure of the half behind me, I realised I could enjoy my runs more, and tailor them to be what or how I wanted. It would be ok to deviate from a structured training plan and run when and where I fancied. I could even pause to admire the scenery and take a quick photo on my phone. 

When it’s cold and dark, early or late, some people choose to run on a treadmill. Now, I remember my last visit to a gym. It was 2003, and for a few weeks I tried to persuade myself that I could be someone who went to the gym. I already knew that I would never be someone who enjoyed going to the gym. Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake alternated on the music channel. I’d complete a circuit of about four machines, including the treadmill, then trudge home. As I was a student I went during the day so the gym was fairly quiet, but I hated it. So dull, repetitive, monotonous. Yes I burned calories, I probably even lost a bit of weight but, looking back, it wasn’t worth it. It was something to endure, feel relief at having completed, and then begin to dread when a day or two had passed and the next workout edged nearer. 

Since 2003 I’ve barely returned to a gym. I can’t imagine I would feel any different now. They don’t fill me with inspiration. About ten years ago I did invest in a cross trainer, which is just about bearable, but if I’m honest is tucked away in the loft. I think I used it once last year to get my steps up to 10,000 after a late finish at school. 

Given the choice, I’d exchange a treadmill for trails any day. The fresh air, the scenery, the sky, the landscape. There are so many reasons I would rather lace up my trainers and opt outside. I love to spot wildlife and birds, and can easily do so in the fields and woodlands within easy reach of my front door. On a recent run near home without even trying I spotted jays, buzzards, yellow hammers, gold finches and long tailed tits. In a couple of months I’ll hear cuckoos at Clumber Park and, if I’m lucky, maybe an occasional woodpecker. Rabbits, hare and squirrels often make an appearance too. All thrown in for the price of going outside for a run. 

I’m currently mulling over everything I read in Born to Run, and in particular what the rationale of my own running is. To me, running on a treadmill lacks the purpose of going outside for a run. The pleasure is removed and replaced with a dreary sense of duty; a box can be ticked when you’ve completed a run on a treadmill – job done, but are you itching to go again? Planning your next route? Hoping for a decent night’s sleep and a clear sky so the sunrise can pave the way for your next run, or are you just glad it’s over? 

Against the Odds ~ Photo Challenge 

This photo was taken on a beach in Northern France back in September. We’d spent ages laying out leftover baguette and crisps for the gulls who swooped overhead, until finally I snapped this ~ just on my phone. We’d begun tossing pieces of bread up in the air to tempt/taunt the birds into coming nearer. I find the expression  on the face of the gull in the background equally delightful. 

Shadow ~ Photo Challenge 

My entries for this week’s photo challenge were taken in the better weather, when shadows tend to be longer and even in England we see more of the sun. 

The first image was taken on one of my usual dog walking route, in a very ordinary car park. 

The second photo was taken during an impromptu trip to Durham at the end of the summer. To pass some time I walked up to the cathedral, and admired the shadows cast onto the ground by the stone windows. 

Solitude ~ Photo Challenge 

This photo of a cormorant was taken at Clumber Park a few months ago, when I was experimenting with my new zoom lens. 

Solitude: sometimes you have to go out on a limb to find some peace. 

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Signs of spring 💚
#spring #weather #mild #seasons #february #primroses #flowers #springflowers #frog #wall #brick #brickwall #garden #outside #outdoors #optoutside #optoutdoors Finished! I've been fancying trying some embroidery for ages, so this little kit free with the latest edition of @molliemakes was the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. Definitely much easier to complete whilst watching TV, in comparison with machine sewing. .
#molliemakes #embroidery #hoop #hoopart #stitching #handstitched #heart #loveheart #heartshaped #flower #leaves #fridaynight #memade About to attempt a little bit of embroidery 
#molliemakes #embroidery #needlecraft #sewing #loveheart #flowers #floral #handmade #free #freegift #hoopart #friday #fridaynight Now up on the blog ~ why I'd rather run on trails. For me, the draw of getting outside and going for a run extends way beyond just exercise. Link in profile ⬆️
#running #womensrunning #trailrunning #optoutside #outdoors #saucony #fitness #health #wellbeing #nature #wildlife #newontheblog #ontheblog Another wintry Coco dress completed ~ not least to reduce my stash by a few metres of bulky fabric! There wasn't quite enough to lengthen this so it'll be another to wear with leggings and boots, but I did make the sleeves full length. Also, I tried adding patch pockets, cut on the bias, on the front but the checks meant it was entirely unsuccessful, just spent the last half an hour unpicking them. .
#coco #sewingcoco #cocodress #winter #winterdress #cosy #funnelneck #sixties #knit #knits #jersey #check #checked #plaid #red #warm #tilly #tillyandthebuttons It's the middle of February and although I'm counting down to spring, I'm still in need of some warm winter dresses to see me through. Here's my second #Coco dress, complete with cuffs and funnel neck so it's extra cosy. I'm thinking of adding a little length to my next one @tillybuttons .
#sewingcoco #tilly #jersey #knit #knits #check #checked #plaid #winter #warm #memade #dressmaking #cosy #snug #february

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