Last month I was lucky enough to be asked by Vegan Bunny to review the first box in their brand new zero-waste tealight subscription. Last year I  discovered this small family-run business, thanks to an Instagram post by Joy over at Pink Coat Club, and I will be honest, prior to that I had never given much thought to the origins or impact of the candles I bought. So far I have found all of the products I have purchased to be ethically produced and packaged, carefully chosen and gorgeously scented. The customer service is also superb. When I read about the launch of the tealight subscription I actually requested it as one of my birthday gifts, because I knew it was something I would look forward to and enjoy each month.So what does this month’s box contain? Inside the first box there is are twelve tealights, a tealight holder and an information card. The card details the plants and scents used to make this month’s candles – as with allVegan Bunny products these are natural and in no way fake or chemically. There are instructions on how to safely burn the candles and two featured dates in March. Finally, there is an offer of the month – which for March is a 15% off voucher code (though if you are quick there is actually 25% off everything over on the site at present!). This is all printed on beautiful quality card and features three pretty and delicate illustrations of the plants and herbs, including what they are they used to alleviate (anxiety, stress and also to lift mood).Most often I enjoy burning a candle whilst I am sewing; it definitely instills a calming and almost therapeutic element to my making. To make sure my review was as thorough as possible, I burned my first March tealight last night. After just a few minutes the scent began to fill the room, and it was just delicious. Not overpowering, but delicate and natural. I found it to be quite a cleansing and fresh smell which is quite invigorating: I love it.This month’s box includes a small pottery tealight holder. It is plain and simple and accommodates each tealight nicely. The tealight I burned lasted throughout the evening (well over 4 hours) and this morning I was able to remove the remainder easily from the holder. I know from the Vegan Bunny candles I have purchased previously, if they are stuck more firmly, simply using water from the hot tap makes the tins easy to clean (I rarely find this to be the case with ‘normal’ candles, which I think must be due to all the chemicals and nasties they contain!).Although I am not vegan, I don’t eat meat and animal welfare and sustainability are both extremely important to me. To find a subscription to just about anything that is ethically and environmentally sound is pretty rare, I think, and it’s wonderful that not only is the packaging is plastic-free but also a tree is planted for every subscriber. I adore all plants and nature, and I enjoyed exploring and collecting some of the blossoms and bulbs that have appeared in my garden in March, which seemed like perfect accompaniments to these beautiful tealights.This subscription box comes highly recommended – I can already think of a list of friends and family who I think would love it as much as I do. In the current climate it’s important to me to support small businesses and these candles are a gorgeous treat that I will look forward to receiving every month. Let me know if you subscribe – either on your own or someone else’s behalf. Thank you so much Vegan Bunny – I already can’t wait to see what April will bring!