Seven days, seven images. Nat has all the info.  This one was a week of work and walking, so there’s a bit of a theme to the photos. 

1. I took a walk in the sunshine near a lovely spot.  

 2. Sunday afternoon was spent preparing a report for school. Working in the garden made this a lot more pleasant.  

 3. Monday night was a late one, but the other evenings I’ve continued enjoying taking the dogs out and about.  This one was taken on the Welbeck estate. 

4. Lovely views around Thorsby Hall.  

 5.  Thursday’s walk was a late one, completed just as the sun set. 

6. April’s workout summary arrived in my inbox. And by workout I mean solely walks!  7. Oliver went to agility training so I walked with just Wilf on Saturday. It was nice being out just the two of us and we took the same local route that we used to walk. Upon returning to the house Wilf refused to settle until Oliver returned home.  

 I’m hoping the remainder of the bank holiday will allow more walks, and some sewing. However you are spending yours, enjoy.