The I Dress 

My I Dress is the Iced Tea Dress, so named because of the summery citrus print of the fabric. I half think it’s a little bit like a tablecloth, which luckily I don’t object to too much. 

Here we are again, I really liked this dress when I made it. I wore it to brunch with my mum and dad and to school. A couple of months on, the bodice seems to have loads of spare fabric and doesn’t fit at all  as I would like; I was reluctant to wear it out to get photos for this post. 

It’s the first time I’ve used bias tape on a hem, which gives it some rigidity that I’m not opposed to. I also used bias tape (cheap, shop bought) to finish the arm holes. 

The pattern is Simplicity’s Cynthia Rowley 1873 again, view B: sleeveless but with a higher neck. The fabric is another Makower cheapie from The Textile Centre, £6pm and I bought 3m. It’s a straightforward make and I do love both this and the scooped neck view, but think I need to grade down the bodice at least if I want to make another. Ha, I say that like I know where to start! 


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  1. I love this! Maybe a hot wash and a blast in the dryer to return the bodice to shape if the fabric has stretched out? It’s not a long term solution but I find many natural fibres have a lot of ease as they wear. Worth a try?

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    1. Thank you Naomi, I’ve lost some weight since I cut out this dress, and an not sure I’m patient enough to alter completed garments 😬 but you are right, a hot wash + tumble dry could help improve it for now!


  2. It’s very pretty fabric . I can see what you mean about the bodice, however it is still a lovely dress and I wouldn’t stop yourself wearing it . I wonder if you pinned out a bit on the shoulder seam taking it in to nothing at the neckline and then take in the side seams under the arms . That might help . Shoulder seams control a lot of fit issues in a bodice

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    1. Hi Mem, thanks for your comment. I don’t have much experience altering either patterns or garments so sometimes don’t know where to start to get rid of excess fabric – it’s really something I should work on! I will have a look starting with the shoulders, thank you 😊


  3. It might be a little on the roomy side, but the shape is still there and you can get away with it. I love the fabric and don’t think it looks at all like a table cloth – not any that I’ve seen, anyway.

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