By the end of last term, apart from the selfless sewing I blogged about recently, I found myself with a pile of WIPs – (works in progress). I was keen to wipe the slate clean before settling on any new projects. All three makes were cut out and two of them were even part sewn. 

Firstly I completed my second New Look 6028, you can check out my first here. For lining I used some leftover cherry blossom fabric from a dress I made (currently being unpicked due to fitting issues). A smart navy jacket is something I’ve wanted in my wardrobe for a while.  

 I like this jacket because it’s simple and lined, so has a neat finish. It’s quite plain so I prefer to wear it with the lapels folded back and the sleeves turned up, to break it up a bit. I’m fairly happy with the finished make, though there’s a pucker on one side where one of the sleeves meets the princess seam, but I’m trying not to dwell on it. 

Secondly, I finished my third (but not final) 1609. My previous two can be found here and here. I used some blue fabric with a gold thread that I had bought for around £14 in total from Barnsley Market. Both of my previous 1609s had been flawed in different ways, so I was anxious to create a good finish on this version. As I’d French seamed the avocado version but found it very slightly too tight, I opted for simply pinking the seams inside, and added the bow rather than the collar for this version. Unlike last time, I interfaced the bow and attached it using the technique suggested by Amanda which worked very well! 

 The cotton was lovely to work with, and the dress sewed up beautifully, aside from one mishap; instead of hemming the sides I accidentally hemmed one side plus the back seam, where the invisible zip should have been placed. I’d rather do anything than unpick, so opted for just moving the zip to the side, as you’ll see below. 

 I took greater care with the hem which pressed nicely and turned out well, which was a relief as the pattern, although small, would have exposed a wiggly hem.  

 I’m really pleased with how this dress turned out, it feels nice and smart and once again has left me wanting more dresses in this pattern.  

 Finally, I completed my first ever McCalls pattern.  

 I’d bought it fairly impulsively during my walk to work one day after seeing it on a blog. I picked up this pretty summery jersey for around £8 per metre. I think this pattern only needs around a metre and a half. The fabric kind of reminds me of blossom petals floating on a puddle…bit random? 

The internal finish on this dress isn’t amazing, I changed my needle but still found my cotton kept snapping quite often – any ideas on how to prevent this would be gratefully received. Other than that, it sewed up easily. No fastenings is always a bonus, plus after trying on I was happy with the fit prior to inserting elastic around the waist seam.  

 I’m quite pleased with this dress as it’s a style I like to wear but not one I’ve had chance to make before. I’ve not had chance to wear it yet but am definitely looking forward to doing so soon. 

Since then I’ve chosen and cut out a new project, which I hope to complete before moving on to the next thing. Probably.