Sunday Sevens is your week summarised by seven photos, ideally one taken each day. Nat at Threads and Bobbins has the full details over at her blog.   My last full week of term, and boy was it jam-packed. It’s been a week of over indulgence and inadequate walks. 

1. I sampled this salted caramel chocolate.   2. An unusual wedding invitation arrived, which took a while to get into and figure out!  3. I mosied on down to London for the Pupil Premium Awards. It meant a very early start, and a rare train journey.   We were regional award winners!   

The awards were held in the stunning Drapers Hall. We were served an amazing meal.  


4. After the awards and before the train home, we went for a walk and managed to stumble across Liberty! So much beautiful stuff though I couldn’t decide on anything I wanted.    

5. It was the spring term Blogathon at school, where the Year 6 children blog for 24 hours (with a few hours of sleep in the middle). I bought some fabric, equipment and chocolate eggs and each of the children made a little Easter bag. They then blogged about what they had done, like on these posts. There were lots of adults to help out, but it was my first time sewing in school and I loved it!  6. I made a top with some fabric left over from my first ever dress. Wilfie assisted.  

   7. Took the dogs for a wet walk near Clumber Park, during which the sun made an unexpected appearance.   


With just two days to work this week, my plans include walking more and eating better. The clocks have sprung forward today so it’s still light outside at almost 7.30pm GMT. Have a great week, and if you are on holiday, enjoy.