This blog post is brought to you in the midst of the Easter holidays. I’ve been off school since Wednesday so am just about easing in to holiday mode. This week’s post is a bit of a mix, seven pictures that I’ve taken, encountered or been reminded of over the last seven days. Find out full details here.   1. March came and went in a flash. A stormy start to week didn’t lend itself to grandma’s aforementioned analogy. 


2. The spring flowers are in full bloom in my garden, made even lovelier by the fact that I didn’t plant them, (they were already here) so each one is a little surprise.   3. I spent a while amusing myself in Marks & Spencer’s fitting room whilst my mum tried on clothes for her upcoming holiday.   4. Celebrated the start of the holidays with prosecco, obviously.   5. Elijah seems to approve of the fox rattle I made!   6. Very self-indulgently, I re-read my old posts about my road trip around Texas, at Easter two years ago. It was my first attempt at blogging.   7. For the first time in a long time, I baked! A brownie with pecans and cherries. This is it pre- and post-cooking.    

I hope you’re enjoying the long bank holiday weekend. Not a lot of sewing to note for the holidays so far, but let’s see what the next week brings.