Part of the pleasure of taking a trip away is less time spent completing obligatory housekeeping tasks. For the most part, thoughts of work are pushed to the back of my mind for a while. The upshot of this is more time for simple pleasures: sewing. When I went to North Yorkshire at the end of last summer, I took my machine and whipped up some super-quick curtains, plus made my first novelty item ~ a bunny rabbit. As I was there for three nights that was just the right amount of projects, both of which were gifts so fell under the selfless sewing category, come to think of it.   Earlier that August, during a week in Wales I lamented the fact that my machine had stayed at home (this was before my addiction was fully established). Instead, I spent the evenings browsing Pinterest, scanning fabric stores on eBay and leafing through the pages of Mollie Makes. On arriving home, several squishy parcels of Christmas-themed fat quarters dropped onto my doormat.   For my next trip away, and with sewing now firmly established into my daily routine, (be it doing it, reading about it, or planning it) I wanted to be sure I would have plenty to keep me busy.  

This included two Liberty WIPs; a Cambie and a Megan dress already cut out. A vintage dress pattern, complete with notions. A shirt dress pattern, not yet begun but chosen to enable me to conquer my fear of buttons. A bundle of Wee Wander fat quarters incase I got the urge to cut out my first quilt. Plus accessories, and requisite notions alongside general equipment. I was desperate not to forget anything which might inhibit progress on any of my makes.   With some careful folding, and optimal use of the various pockets and pouches, everything packed nicely into the backpack I bought in the Christmas sales. Other than my machine and cutting mat, of course. 

I’m now wondering how realistic I’ve been? How much is too much? What is an appropriate amount of sewing to aspire to during a few nights away? Crucially, will I have forgotten anything I can’t live (sew) without? I would love to know about your holiday makes, successful or otherwise, as well as any tips and tricks for streamlining your sewing travel kit.