All geared up with my sewing kit, I discovered there was one thing I couldn’t pack and hadn’t prepared for: an appropriate sewing space. I know I’m spoilt at home, I have the whole dining table to spread out over and it’s usually my choice to tidy any WIPs away after a while.  

There have been a couple of alterations to the room since this pic was taken (at Christmas – spot the (gifted) knitivity?!)  including the installation of a TV to keep me entertained whilst I’m sewing. What you can’t see is a lovely big (though single glazed) window which allows the light to flood in. I also have a lamp (on loan) for when it’s late.   I’ve been trying to organise the room to neatly store all of the accoutrements that appear to be necessary for a sewist, hence the chest of drawers you can just about make out, which is right behind where I sit. I’ve also just returned to IKEA and purchased a cupboard with the intention of storing my stash…but once patterns and magazines are in there isn’t much space left. Back to the drawing board on that one. 

Like I said, I know I’m lucky to have all of that space. I guess I was therefore a little oblivious to the extreme possibility that away from home, the sewing set up might be less convenient. This wasn’t helped by my last trip to Natural Retreats North Yorkshire being equipped with a beautiful and lengthy wooden kitchen table, perfectly positioned for watching TV whilst working. 

This time, not so. Some very well positioned pictures – kudos to the photographer – made the downstairs accommodation appear more spacious than it was. Whilst it was completely fine for normal use, I didn’t fancy being relegated to totally isolated evenings in the kitchen or conservatory. Instead I improvised:  

Not impossible but not ideal. It was this or the floor, and neither option was especially back-friendly. I did manage to complete one project, to be blogged later, but then returned to contemplating other handicrafts that are easier to transport and also complete in less space.  There might be news on that in the not too distant future.