One of those weeks when I’m struggling to cobble together enough images to justify a post, but here goes nothing. For a quality post and a full explanation, just visit Nat’s blog

1. Discovered some beautiful new woodland not too far from home. I just love this time of year.  

2.  Vivid fields which brighten some of my dog walks.   3. Completed a make I’ve been on with for a while, full post to follow.  

4. I voted, late on Thursday, after walking. Enough said on that subject.  

5. A beautiful sunset stroll with the boys.    

6. That point in the term when I’m running low on energy, so felt in need of a vitamin boost.  

7. Preparations are underway for the upcoming Monthly Stitch’s Indie Month!  I’m excited!  


With two weeks to go before half term, I’m anticipating a busy time ahead, and am focussing on continuing to spend a little time doing what makes me happy during any spare moments  I have. See you in a week 🙂