Sunday Sevens // 19 2015

 Sunday Sevens is a simple but effective way of documenting a week using seven images. Nat came up with it, so read all about it on her blog

1.  Began planning an indie make ready for The Monthly Stitch’s June challenge. 

 2.  Beautiful bluebells brightened up a walk on a grey evening. 

 3.  Little Oliver finally became so filthy he merited a bath. He has since returned to being a white and black dog instead of creamy brown one. 

4.  The peonies in my garden began to bloom. So pretty in the early morning sunshine. 

5.  I invested in a couple of pieces of new sewing kit – an A1 cutting mat, and a much smaller so hopefully more accurate, rotary cutter. The yellow mat took some real tracking down! 

6.  New (fell running) trainers! For if and when I decide to break into a run whilst out with the dogs. If not, I’m sure they will hold up pretty well just for regular walking. 

7.  For a change, I’m using my #7 as a challenge! I came across this item and, whilst I know what it is, (thanks to the owner!) I wondered whether you would too? 

 One week left before half term, which promises to be busy as ever. Outside of work I hope to keep walking and making the most of the sunshine, possibly with a sprinkling of making during any spare moments. Have a great week. 





10 responses to “Sunday Sevens // 19 2015

  1. Funny, I was thinking yesterday how many of us post bluebell pictures, but I never grow tired of seeing them, so beautiful. Gave my boy a wash yesterday and a trim – he wasn’t at all pleased with me.

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  2. Alison

    Is it a lace making cushion?

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  3. You’re not having a go at making lace are you? It’s brilliant – I could easily get addicted to it and I’ve only tried it once!

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  4. You’ll have to let me know how you get on with the rotary cutter and mat, I’ve been thinking of purchasing one for a while. Will see what you think…

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  5. How is your bigger mat and smaller cutter then? I really like the yellow ones but already have 2 green ones so I’m not sure I have room for another 😦 Olive made me laugh…he is a cutie!

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So pleased with my purchases from the @johnlewisretail sale today! 4m of Robert Kaufman denim + What was left of some @atelierbrunette cotton + some @makoweruk metallic spot. Plus some pretty she’ll buttons that were less than half price 🙌🏼 All came to a total of £36.50. Now to figure out whether I can use any of them for my #2018makenine plans 🤔 •
#buttons #makersgonnamake #imakethings #dressmaking #sales #shopping #bargains The light isn’t great but here’s my second @sewoveritlondon #soivintageshirtdress hot off the machine. This one is made using some chambray coloured cotton from @fabworksmillshop leftover from an @theavidseamstress #daydress I made quite a while ago. The buttons feel like quite a statement and I’m hoping they don’t detract from the dress. I sewed this up as a size 12 and it fits SO much better than the 14. •
#sewmystyle #sewoveritlondon #sewoverit #vintageshirtdress #chambray #sleeveless #dressmaking #imakethings #makersgonnamake #sewersgonnasew #holidaysewing #buttons The only fabric I purchased (so far) in the sales just arrived from @misformake ~ the mason jars is a brushed cotton and the floral (+ snails! 🐌) is a cotton lawn. I only have a couple of metres of each so I’m not sure what I’ll make yet 🤔
#goodpostday #happymail #fabric #sales #salebuys #endofrolls #endofbolt #makersgonnamake #imakethings #sewersgonnasew Finished! My first @sewoveritlondon #vintageshirtdress made with @dashwoodstudio #flurry fabric with 8 vintage red buttons. I cut out the paper pattern and made a size 14, but I think it’s come up a little large and now I’m regretting not tracing it off - which I nearly always do. I’m hoping I’ll be able to nip it in with a belt, as other than that I’m pretty happy with it. I would like to make a sleeveless version in a 12 to compare but I’m not sure how best to size down a pattern I’ve already cut 🤷🏻‍♀️
#soivintageshirtdress #dashwoodstudio #shirtdress #collar #handmade #Imakethings #memade #dressmaking #January Searching through my vintage buttons for 8 that are a suitable match for my almost finished @sewoveritlondon #vintageshirtdress 🧐
#buttons #vintage #retro #choices #preloved #recycle #reuse Last year I realised I could sometimes combine 2 of my favourite things: running and dog walking. Oliver is less compliant, unsurprisingly, but Wilf just loves to run. 
In 2017 we completed 3 #canicross races together, as well as several parkruns. He gets very excited at the beginning, particularly when there is lots of clapping or lots of other dogs. Wilf keeps me company on lots of training runs, both on his harness if we are running on the road and off the lead if we’re on the trails. He’s happy to go on very early or very late runs. He even looks disappointed if I head out in my trainers without him. 
I’ve already booked our first couple of canicross races for 2018, and this year I plan to log how many miles Wilfie runs too. He’s a good dog. •
#rescuedog #dailydog #instadog #patterdaleterrier #patterdale #patterdalex #patterdalecross #runningbuddy #runningdog #runningdogsofinstagram

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