Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series which allows you to share 7 photos from your week. Nat has full details. 

1.  I rustled up a rhubarb crumble last weekend, but still have a huge bundle in the fridge so will be making at least one more imminently. 

 2.  Little Oliver is malting, badly! I’m sure he didn’t lose nearly as much fur last year, but maybe that was because he wasn’t old enough? Brushed a huge pile of white fur from him, but there’s still a trail wherever he goes. 

 3.  I got a dressing table! Not transferred all of my stuff into it yet but I love the vintage style. 

4. I read somewhere these pens are good to use in fabric as they fade with heat, ie when ironed. Not tried them out yet but they shipped from Japan and I loved the little note included:

5.  Just the one dog walking photo this week, I missed a couple due to end of term busyness. Hoping to catch up over half term. Spot the Wilfie…

 6.  A lovely and unexpected gift! Can’t wait to get a plant to do it justice and brighten up my paved area. 

7.  All of my bedding suddenly seemed old and faded, so I sourced some new from trusty M&S. Love this duvet fabric! 

 My first day of half term has involved a little tidying, a lot of sleep, and not much else. I don’t have many plans for the week, which is exactly as I like it. I hope to catch up with some of my favourite people and make a return to sewing, which has been on hold for a while. A dog walk or two a day will be a must. If you are off work too, enjoy, and fingers crossed for sunshine.