A Pair of Pennies 

A couple of months ago I joined the Sew Over It PDF club, even though I typically prefer buying printed patterns. When the Penny Dress was released I knew I wanted to make one. Once I'd printed and assembled the pattern I realised I needed wide fabric, which restricted what I could use from my... Continue Reading →


Names – first photo challenge of 2017

Here's my entry for the first photo challenge of the year. It's a vintage cardboard box that I use to store Christmas decorations. It originally came from my grandparents house from when my mum was a little girl. I love the retro design, and the provenance. 

One Man’s Trash

Fly tipping is a pet hate of mine. I seem to encounter it more than ever since getting the dogs and heading out down country lanes more than I used to. It makes me feel a bit sick that people are so lazy or indifferent about the effects of dumping their unwanted items. When I... Continue Reading →

At The Heart of Vintage Wales

During my week in Wales, I paid a visit to the small town of Narberth. We'd driven through it on the way back from Tenby, and spotted a couple of interesting looking shops. After a walk along the beautiful coast path, we drove back inland and parked up in search of lunch. Burgers, chips and... Continue Reading →

One Week, Two Weddings

  On Friday I attended my second wedding in less than a week. This one was family, and took place at Norwood Park, just outside the beautiful town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire. I decided to give my ruffled dress a rest, and instead debuted my second Sewaholic Cambie, that I made a couple of months ago using... Continue Reading →

Pick a Pattern or Two

Whilst visiting Cardigan last week, and keeping my eyes open for a fabric shop - though resisting googling to find one for definite - we spotted something called The Eco Shop.   Whilst I don't eat meat and do care about environmental issues, I initially assumed this place would be full of tie-dye, Ecover and... Continue Reading →

A Sewing Story

When houses are cleared, belongings are sorted and items redistributed, sewing paraphernalia seems to be overlooked. Low intrinsic value is the most probable explanation, but to me, an individual's sewing kit/box/basket is quite a personal item.  I've acquired two or three previously, courtesy of relations or family friends, but this one was bought from an... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 20 2015

 Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series which allows you to share 7 photos from your week. Nat has full details.  1.  I rustled up a rhubarb crumble last weekend, but still have a huge bundle in the fridge so will be making at least one more imminently.   2.  Little Oliver is malting, badly! I'm... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 8 2015 

Sunday Sevens was created by Nat at Threads and Bobbins as a window to your week. Seven pictures to showcase seven days. Visit her blog to find out more, including how to take part next week. The first week of Spring 2 at school was a busy one with little time for making during the week.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 7 2015

Today marks the end of a very different half term from what I had in mind. A week ago I knew I was tired and needed a rest, but I didn't realise just how run down I must have been. From Sunday until Thursday I had so little energy I basically didn't go out. On... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 5 2015

The first day of February and although Christmas seems a distant memory, it doesn't feel like the weather will be changing any time soon. This last week flew by, meaning there are just two left until half term. Sunday Sevens was created by Nat at Threads and Bobbins, as a method of tying up the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 4 2015

The last Sunday of the month marks the end of one busy week and the beginning of another. For the first time in a long time I haven't done any sewing for over a week, something which I hope to remedy later. I haven't even purchased any fabric, (unheard of) although a pattern or two... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 3 2015

Already the third Sunday of the year, so time again for my Sunday Sevens. To find out all about it, including how you can take part next week, just follow this link over to Nat's blog. 1. Spent much of my week beavering away at my second Dahlia, which is now completed and which I... Continue Reading →

Ask and You Shall Receive

On one of the days I've had to myself during the holidays, I decided to take a trip to another local market town. Retford is quite pretty, with a beautiful park and some fine old buildings. Like most places, the covering of snow that remained enhanced it's charm. Like Worksop, Retford has a good selection... Continue Reading →

The Holly and The Poinsettia

On Halloween I blogged about looking for a pattern fit for a Christmas frock. Well, a couple of weeks ago I settled on one at last. It's one of the first patterns I bought, (I still don't have that many) and I chose it simply because it's very me, a fairly feminine style with a... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 5 2014

I'm becoming increasingly grateful for Nat at Threads and Bobbins' Sunday Seven project, as it's reminds me to blog at least weekly. Here's my highlights from another jam-packed week. 1. I made my second Zippy/Maya hack, and added pockets and a trim. There was also a contrast pink breast pocket detail but it just didn't... Continue Reading →

Unpicking is a Dirty Word

Yesterday evening at about 4pm I decided to begin working on my first vintage pattern from my inherited stash. I chose it because it looked simple, it didn't have many pattern pieces, and I liked the sound of some of the different techniques needed, like gathering the sleeves and adding pockets. The pattern had been... Continue Reading →

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