On Friday I attended my second wedding in less than a week. This one was family, and took place at Norwood Park, just outside the beautiful town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

I decided to give my ruffled dress a rest, and instead debuted my second Sewaholic Cambie, that I made a couple of months ago using Liberty Match fabric. I included pockets and used dark grey cotton for the lining. It was lovely to wear, just a little tight after eating a big meal, but I’d say that’s more my fault than the dress’s. This time I teamed it with some other shoes I bought recently, also by Clarks and in a sale, and again, miraculously, I managed to keep them on all day without any suffering or blisters.

 Enough about me and my dress. I didn’t manage to take any decent full length ones of the bride, but she looked stunning, and had especially amazing hair.

  Below you’ll find a few pictures that give an insight into what made this wedding special. The venue was stunning, the food mouth-watering and the attention to detail was second to none. As with the last wedding I went to, the bride had organised and sourced all of the decorations herself, and done an outstanding job.