A friend from work kindly invited me to her wedding on Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony and definitely warrants a post to share some of the details.  

 First and foremost the day went exceptionally well, and the bride (and groom) looked stunning.  

 I’d made a dress, which is the first I’ve time I’ve made something for a wedding. After a Ruby which turned out FAR too short, I settled upon this pattern, based on two criteria. 

A) it was unlined and appeared fairly simple to make. 

B) It was quite a different style from anything I’ve made before.   I chose the sleeveles, mid length view, pictured in purple. That day I had received an order of three fabrics from eBay, but I was sure straight away I wanted to use the one with the red bows. White isn’t usually a background colour I go for, so I also felt it would be nice and different for a wedding.  

 It sewed up quickly as I hoped. I messed up the finish on the waistband inside, and deliberately omitted the pockets – I felt they might have made it less dressy. The ruffle was fun to make and the viscose was nice to work with and pressed better than I expected which was a bonus. 

 Because the ruffle was quite flouncy and I was wary of appearing too hula-girl, I decided wearing my hair up would be the way to go.  

 I inserted the invisible side zip fairly well and the fit of the skirt and the length was just right.  Around 10pm it was done! And I realised that the red shoes I had just bought in the sakes would match. 

 There are no decent pictures to show, but my hairdresser curled my hair and then pinned it up underneath at the back, to make it look shorter but with lots of loose curls. I really liked how she did it and once again lamented the fact I can’t do it like she does.  

 It was really nice knowing no one else would be wearing anything similar. It was comfortable to wear, as were my shoes, surprisingly. In total this make cost me around £10, which I think is an absolute bargain for a wedding. 

Now enjoy a few more pictures of the beautiful room, all chosen and organised by the bride herself.    

Do you have a favourite outfit that you’ve made for a wedding or special occasion? Or maybe even a go-to pattern for such events? I’d love to hear all about it.