Sunday Sevens // 32 2015 – A Blogiversary Celebration!


I’ve spent this week away from home, which I will be blogging about soon. At the end of the week I received a notification in the WordPress App to say it was one year since I first created my blog.


As it has been a different kind of week which included a holiday, a vintage haul and a wedding, it seems to follow that I publish a different kind of Sunday Sevens, a special blogiversary edition. Rather than the usual roundup of the last seven days, I’m celebrating this mini-milestone by revisiting seven of my favourite makes from the last 12 months. I was asked last night how many items I had sewn since beginning my blog. I estimated around 20. This morning I went through my wardrobe and added in a few more items that were made as gifts or that have since gone to a better place (the charity shop or unpicking pile). My revised total is 42 garments, plus two quilts and a few smaller projects which were mainly gifts. It would be lovely to think I’ll keep up the makes during the next year and possibly even be in a better position to participate, even partly, in Me-Made May 2016.

1. My first ever ‘garment’ – an ultra simple no pattern, terribly finished, pair of pyjama bottoms. Made using some fabric my dad brought me back from Mexico.

2. One of at least 6 See Kate Sew Zippy Tops I have made so far – my most frequent make! This one was a gift for my mum’s birthday last month.


3. The first lined garment I made, Cynthia Rowley’s Simplicity 1873.


4. The Staple Dress – one of my first indie pattern makes and probably the nicest pattern to make that I’ve come across, purely because I’m sometimes a lazy sewist and this is a simple make that comes together quickly and is completely wearable.


5. My first outwear, a cropped Cynthia Rowley jacket. It’s also lined so has a tidy inside, although I never did quite get around to binding the inner arm holes…


6. The Simplicity 1609. I’ve made this dress three times now and each one has improved on the last, but still not been quite perfect. Maybe next time.


7. Finally, my most recent make which I made to wear to a wedding. It’s another Cynthia! Pattern 2497. This dress was an enjoyable make, low cost (the fabric was £2.49 pm) and I enjoyed wearing it and knowing no one would be wearing the same thing.


I’m still vey much a beginner sewist, I’m pleased with what I have made so far but I know that I still have a lot to learn. Speaking of which, since it’s mid-August, it’s about time I got around to revisiting my New Year’s Resolutions. If you had to name an all time favourite make, or TNT pattern, which would it be and why?


13 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 32 2015 – A Blogiversary Celebration!

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    1. You do! If I was organised enough to be doing the #sewphotohop the Zippy would definitely be the pattern that changed my life! Such a pleasure to make & so wearable! I haven’t mad one in jersey yet though…

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    1. Thank you 😊 I know! I still have many fears to face, including buttons which I really need to get over I think, hopefully I’m being completely irrational! 😁 I was surprised how many things I’d made considering the frequent gaps I have between sewing – time to get another WIP going!

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