Sunday Sevens 31 // 2015

A roundup of seven photos from your week, Sunday Sevens is the perfect place to share images that may not otherwise justify a full blog post. Visit Nat for full details.  

 It’s been a week when I caught up on all the appointments I don’t get chance to make during term time. Other than that, it’s been fairly quiet so I’ve also been able to indulge in some making. I’m not completely sure I have seven photos this week, but here goes.

1.  Breakfast in the sunshine in the garden with the dogs for company. 

 2.  New shoes! I bought two pairs in the sales, one flat and practical, the other less so. But they are pretty…

 3. I made my second Ruby dress, but wish I had made it about 6 inches longer as there’s no way it’s suitable to wear as anything but a top – has anyone else found this with the Ruby? Other than that I’m pleased with it.  

 4. I’ve done a bit more crochet, and am hoping to continue with it this week.  I think I need to work on sharpening the points next…

 5. I spent a long time trying to decide which dress to make after the Ruby turned out (way) too short. I wanted something a bit different but a pattern that sewed up quite quickly (impatient as ever).  These were ultimately the main contenders. 

 6. A delivery of fabric from ebay – I love them all!  All viscose and all reasonable ranging from Β£2.50 – Β£3.99 per metre. 

 7. The dogs are starting to get more accustomed to travelling in the boot.  

  I’m a little alarmed at the speed that the holidays are passing – we’re already almost half way through – so I’m hoping to make the most of each day now. I hope you are doing the same and enjoying August 🌞


7 responses to “Sunday Sevens 31 // 2015

  1. I love having breakfast in the garden – always feel like I’m on holiday. Lovely fabric!

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  2. I read that the ruby came up short in a lot of reviews, so you’re not alone in that opinion. I wear short RTW dresses, I found this was a similar length… So did not tweak mine but many others have!!

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  3. Garden breakfast with the dogs looks gorgeous! You’ve even tempted me to have breakfast on the porch πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you make with the fabrics! Dogs look very comfy in the back of the new car πŸ™‚

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  4. Such pretty shoes – and they pick out the red in the fabric too! Your garden looks like it is a real suntrap in the mornings, breakfast outside is one of the best bits about an English ‘Summer’, isn’t it? I think you make your dogs extremely comfortable in the boot, no wonder they don’t mind travelling that way:)

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  5. I never got past the muslin of my ruby dress – was short on me too, the bodice as well as the skirt. If my waist ever shrinks I might lengthen it and give it another go! Hope the holidays don’t go too fast for you ands here’s lots of 🌞 for the remainder πŸ˜€

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    • I’m guilty of never having made a muslin so far 😁 although the fabric I tend to use isn’t too expensive usually so I guess some makes could class as wearable muslins! Thank you – I’m hoping August slows down so we can all enjoy some 🌞 x


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