Pick a Pattern or Two

Whilst visiting Cardigan last week, and keeping my eyes open for a fabric shop – though resisting googling to find one for definite – we spotted something called The Eco Shop.  

Whilst I don’t eat meat and do care about environmental issues, I initially assumed this place would be full of tie-dye, Ecover and vegan lipstick, so ignored it. After wandering around the town a while longer, we happened to approach it from a different direction, and as I noted dogs were allowed inside, decided to take a look. 

It was like a charity shop but larger,  cheaper, and more jumbled. Almost immediately I saw the box of sewing patterns, marked 30p each!  

  I began to leaf through. Patterns, instructions and crumpled pattern pieces were all mixed up, making it hard to tell at a glance which were complete and what went with what. The man on the till said I could have the box for £4 – wow. 

Back at the cottage I carefully sorted through the patterns and tried to marry up the loose pieces. I think I’ve ended up with one that I have just the envelope for, plus a few random bits that don’t appear to match anything.  But the majority of patterns seem to be more or less complete.   

 A wide range of styles, brands and garments, but there are definitely several I would like to attempt. Have you made any of these vintage patterns? Which do you think I should try first? Also, do you have much luck sourcing vintage patterns from charity shops or similar? 


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  1. some of those patterns look very similar to ones my Mother had.she made me lots of dresses and other things.I think Beryl ( my cousin ) has a photo of her and her sister wearing dresses my Mother had made for them for whitsuntide.we all had new dresses then.both children and adults. I think some times how lucky we were Happy sewing lots of love nannan.xxxxxx

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  2. Oh, you found some again! You must have a nose for these things 🙂 I’m kind of drawn to both the night dresses and the swingy, knee length dresses (60’s style? Can’t quite make them out… Bet you had loads of fun going through these!

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  3. I was in cardigan on Friday, missed this gem of a shop though 😦
    I found the town quite arts and crafty and full of little independent shops which was a nice surprise, there was a stall downstairs in the market selling fabric if you go back soon check it out (I resisted because my stash is once again overflowing!)

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    1. There were lots of nice shops but I missed the market due to having dogs with us 😔 Although my stash is by no means lacking either – well done for resisting! If you are still in the area you could try Natberth, LOADS of vintage/charity shops there selling patterns although for higher prices, I’ll be writing a short post about it soon 🙂


  4. I love just outside of Carmarthen so Narbeth is definitely close enough, will wait for your post to see what I should go check out, as I struggle in this area for sewing related shopping!

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  5. I have rolled into second hand shops twice now and both times been lucky enough to find sewing patterns. Sometimes they are a mess but other times I have hit it lucky, like you. I don’t even care if I sew them up. I just love that someone else might have made them up long ago, also sometimes they have great illustrations on the front!

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  6. What a find! I’ve never used a vintage pattern, probably a little bit chicken. I do always have a look in charity shops though to see if they have any. I’ll be interested to see what you decide to do with them.

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