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As well as having a clear out of my modern patterns, I also thought it was time I sorted through my vintage patterns. As before please let me know in the comments or @makingnmarking on Twitter if you would like any and I will happily post them out. If you felt like you’d like to donate a small amount of money to a charity of your choice in return that would be brilliant.

With the vintage patterns I want to make it clear that I haven’t sewn up any of these patterns and I don’t know whether all of the pattern pieces are included. They have all come from charity shops or been inherited, so please don’t be too disappointed if there is something missing. You’ll see that some of these patterns are very old, and many have been cut and used by previous owners. However, I can’t help but think they would still be of use or interest to some people, and I would really love to see anything that is made using some of these. It always intrigues me who originally bought these, and what their makes might have looked like. 

I’ve photographed the patterns in fours, then turned each one over so you can hopefully see a bit more info or the line drawings.


At The Heart of Vintage Wales

During my week in Wales, I paid a visit to the small town of Narberth. We’d driven through it on the way back from Tenby, and spotted a couple of interesting looking shops. After a walk along the beautiful coast path, we drove back inland and parked up in search of lunch. Burgers, chips and a couple of litres of lime and soda later and we were refuelled and ready to explore.

   The first stop, just around the corner from lunch was Giddy Aunt Vintage. I was even more intrigued/bemused by the tearoom sign displayed in the doorway outside – an alternative life, perhaps?

  Inside Giddy Aunt’s I couldn’t help but smile. There was a rack crammed with vintage patterns, most in great condition with prices that reflected it, around £8. There was also a basket with some more thumbed patterns which I think were £3 each. In addition to patterns, the lady behind the counter was beavering away at her sewing machine. It was clear she designed and made garments to order, using predominantly Alexander Henry fabric. The fabric was also available to buy off the roll. There was a range of garments for sale, new and vintage, and a fairly eclectic collection of items filling the rest of the shop, including old maps and some very sweet bird buttons that I will forever regret leaving behind.

  Next, just next door and with their wares spilling out on to the pavement, was another vintage/antiques shop. As this one looked a bit more classy, and someone has to stay outside with the dogs, I contented myself with just peering through the window.

There were a few charity shops which are always worth exploring. The one I went into had two baskets of vintage sewing patterns – seriously, I have never visited a town that had so many vintage pattern outlets – priced at either £2 each for the more intact or £1 for the less. I was a bit overwhelmed and overheated, so had a rifle through then left.

  After this, we wandered though town, basked in the hot sun and felt ready to return to the cottage and rehydrate properly. Before going back to the car, I paused at Fay Phillips Vintage – the store I had spotted on my first drive through town. I wasn’t really surprised to discover MORE SEWING PATTERNS, as well as kitchen ware, garments, and all manner of vintage items, as well as very friendly shop keepers. Again, I left with nothing.

Once back in the car, I couldn’t help but feel regretful that I hadn’t bought anything from any of the wonderful shops here, so we called back down to the charity shop where I chose 5 patterns and was charged £6. Yes, I know, strictly speaking I didn’t need more vintage patterns, after my Cardigan haul, and I don’t even make clothes for children, but they are very sweet, stylish and sometimes it’s simply too hard to resist. And it was for charity. Mostly. 


Pick a Pattern or Two

Whilst visiting Cardigan last week, and keeping my eyes open for a fabric shop – though resisting googling to find one for definite – we spotted something called The Eco Shop.  

Whilst I don’t eat meat and do care about environmental issues, I initially assumed this place would be full of tie-dye, Ecover and vegan lipstick, so ignored it. After wandering around the town a while longer, we happened to approach it from a different direction, and as I noted dogs were allowed inside, decided to take a look. 

It was like a charity shop but larger,  cheaper, and more jumbled. Almost immediately I saw the box of sewing patterns, marked 30p each!  

  I began to leaf through. Patterns, instructions and crumpled pattern pieces were all mixed up, making it hard to tell at a glance which were complete and what went with what. The man on the till said I could have the box for £4 – wow. 

Back at the cottage I carefully sorted through the patterns and tried to marry up the loose pieces. I think I’ve ended up with one that I have just the envelope for, plus a few random bits that don’t appear to match anything.  But the majority of patterns seem to be more or less complete.   

 A wide range of styles, brands and garments, but there are definitely several I would like to attempt. Have you made any of these vintage patterns? Which do you think I should try first? Also, do you have much luck sourcing vintage patterns from charity shops or similar? 

Sunday Sevens // 16 2015

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series hosted by Nat at Threads and Bobbins. Visit her site to find out all you need to know about how to participate.  A busy but productive first week back, during which the warm spring weather meant lots of lovely after work walks. 

1. The daffodils in the garden are now waning, but the bluebells are in bloom.  

2. I was given a selection of vintage sewing items, which I plan to blog about soon.  

3. Not to mention this gem: 

4. In a nod to the onset of summer, I’ve switched to drinking mainly this: 

5. My class had their first Wider Opportunities ukulele lesson!     

6. I’ve been loving taking the dogs to different places after work this week, deviating from my usual local routes.  

 7. It suddenly feels like ages since I made a garment for myself! Spent some time searching through my vintage patterns and awaiting inspiration.  

A week of school, sewing and dog walks makes for a pretty great start to summer term. I’ll leave you with a question, or at least a request for suggestions. 

Can you recommend a dress pattern which doesn’t require a zip or buttons to fasten? 

A Vast Array of Vintage

A few weeks ago, before driving south for some continental winter sun, my mum presented me with a shoe box. Upon removing the lid, I discovered a whole pile of papers.

Leafing through the papers, I discovered many vintage sewing patterns, all once belonging to the now elderly mother of a family friend. All patterns for dresses, (my favourite) I was pleased to find that there are several styles that I would happily wear, if and when I am able to make them. My first job is to have a closer look at each pattern and check whether they are complete as well as adaptable for my measurements. Which do you like and any suggestions for the one you think I should attempt first?



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#football #localfooty #matchday #footballmatch #footballboots #mud #muddy #win #victory #goretford #retfordstripes #sunday Ending a busy week with a bit of quilting ~ trying to plan my Christmas gifts as I know time will run away with me! Watching Children in Need and indulging in a @masonsyorkshiregin Yorkshire tea gin 🍸
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