Sunday Sevens // 16 2015

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series hosted by Nat at Threads and Bobbins. Visit her site to find out all you need to know about how to participate.  A busy but productive first week back, during which the warm spring weather meant lots of lovely after work walks. 

1. The daffodils in the garden are now waning, but the bluebells are in bloom.  

2. I was given a selection of vintage sewing items, which I plan to blog about soon.  

3. Not to mention this gem: 

4. In a nod to the onset of summer, I’ve switched to drinking mainly this: 

5. My class had their first Wider Opportunities ukulele lesson!     

6. I’ve been loving taking the dogs to different places after work this week, deviating from my usual local routes.  

 7. It suddenly feels like ages since I made a garment for myself! Spent some time searching through my vintage patterns and awaiting inspiration.  

A week of school, sewing and dog walks makes for a pretty great start to summer term. I’ll leave you with a question, or at least a request for suggestions. 

Can you recommend a dress pattern which doesn’t require a zip or buttons to fasten? 


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 16 2015

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  1. Gin that’s part of your 5 a day…cool!
    Have a look at vogue 8805. My friend uses it in her sewing classes and I tried one of her students on so I knew which size to trace for me. Looks great made up, and no fastenings! 😃

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