Sunday Sevens // 15 2015


Seven days represented by seven images, what could be more simple? All Sunday Sevens posts are collated and shared by Nat at Threads and Bobbins. 

This week was my second full week of Easter Holiday, after my time away in Northumberland. 

1. A clutch of patterns arrived, all half price in the Simplicity sale. Some beauties here that I’ve admired for a while.  

2.  Spent a sunny day in Lincoln with my mum.  

3. I got and have been wearing this super cute ‘lounge wear’ top (from Primark) 

4. Gave the grass it’s first cut of the year, AND did some weeding. The back garden is beginning to look tidier, so just the side and front needing attention next… 

5. Went on a lovely trip to visit little Elijah (and his mum).    

6.  New shoes for summer!  


7. Spent a bit of time in school starting to prepare my classroom for my new summer term Secret Garden topic.  I’m still waiting for various items to arrive but it’s a start. 

Oliver helped:   Monday means back to school and back to normal. I’ve been spoilt with a lovely, long AND sunny Easter holiday, and have been able to spend time doing all of the things I love. Whether you have worked a week already, or if your first day is also Monday, have a great week. 


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 15 2015

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  1. I’m tempted to go and browse Clarks now – your new shoes look lovely! I so ordered some patterns from that sale, but only 3, I was quire well restrained 🙂 I love the 1609 pattern, hope you do too! Enjoy your first week back at school!!

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    1. The 1609 is one I’ve seen lots of people blog about, but it hasn’t been included in previous sales I’ve seen so I snapped it up this time! Clarks have a nice collection this time, let me know if you find anything 🙂

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  2. I’ve also got 1609 but I think it must have come free with a magazine because I’d never buy a pattern with that high a neckline for my big bust! School project looks like it’s going to be great fun – hope the kids appreciate all your efforts during the holiday. You can’t beat Clark’s shoes, can you?

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  3. Your selection of patterns look great 🙂 I can’t believe that Oliver is the same size as Wilf too…he has grown!! Your shoes are really nice too – they will look lovely with all your handmade dresses!

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