*Giveaway* Pattern de-stash 

As the summer holidays draw to a close I'm trying to tidy the house and prepare for the new school year. Today I've been sorting out my sewing space, and finally got around to sorting through my patterns. All of the patterns below are unused. Some were freebies, some came with magazines, and some I... Continue Reading →


Sunday Sevens // 16 2015

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series hosted by Nat at Threads and Bobbins. Visit her site to find out all you need to know about how to participate.  A busy but productive first week back, during which the warm spring weather meant lots of lovely after work walks.  1. The daffodils in the garden are... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 15 2015

  Seven days represented by seven images, what could be more simple? All Sunday Sevens posts are collated and shared by Nat at Threads and Bobbins. This week was my second full week of Easter Holiday, after my time away in Northumberland. 1. A clutch of patterns arrived, all half price in the Simplicity sale. Some beauties here... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sevens // 4 2015

The last Sunday of the month marks the end of one busy week and the beginning of another. For the first time in a long time I haven't done any sewing for over a week, something which I hope to remedy later. I haven't even purchased any fabric, (unheard of) although a pattern or two... Continue Reading →

Ask and You Shall Receive

On one of the days I've had to myself during the holidays, I decided to take a trip to another local market town. Retford is quite pretty, with a beautiful park and some fine old buildings. Like most places, the covering of snow that remained enhanced it's charm. Like Worksop, Retford has a good selection... Continue Reading →

A Vast Array of Vintage

A few weeks ago, before driving south for some continental winter sun, my mum presented me with a shoe box. Upon removing the lid, I discovered a whole pile of papers. Leafing through the papers, I discovered many vintage sewing patterns, all once belonging to the now elderly mother of a family friend. All patterns... Continue Reading →

A Big Decision

I've found the marking definitely overtaking the making since the new term began. I'm working later, darkness is falling faster and the majority of my energy is directed at school followed by a dog walk in the evenings. I'm counterbalancing this by indulging in some research before bedtimes; centred around finding the perfect fabric for... Continue Reading →

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