The last Sunday of the month marks the end of one busy week and the beginning of another. For the first time in a long time I haven’t done any sewing for over a week, something which I hope to remedy later. I haven’t even purchased any fabric, (unheard of) although a pattern or two have found their way into my collection.
For me Sunday Sevens is a reason to pause and reflect on the past week, and to clarify what I want from the week ahead. Find out how to take part on Nat’s site.


1. I spent a lot of time this week thinking of my grandad Jim.

2. The aforementioned patterns, one vintage, one free with a magazine, one a gift and one I came across and ordered.

3. It snowed! Just a little and not enough to justify photos, but I did have chance to wear my new snow boots!

4. For many reasons, by Friday night I was exhausted, so my evening looked like this:

5. I was lucky enough to receive several sewing related birthday gifts (bonus photo alert)



6. I took a tour of the town’s many charity shops and made some amazing finds. Although strictly speaking I was there to source items for a new blogging project, I felt it was only fair to take home a couple of items too. They included this pretty, unmarked bangle for £1.

7. I also couldn’t resist this vintage cruet, which appears to be completely intact even down to the tiny mustard spoon. For this I paid the princely sum of £4.


I wish you a week of winter sunshine and the chance to indulge in the things that make you happiest.