Having seen a tweet from Minerva Crafts, I was inspired to buy this pattern, and found it at a great price, less than £4 delivered I think.

By Sunday afternoon I was fighting the urge to take a nap, so took a break from marking and began to prepare the pattern.

I cut out the paper followed by fabric and interfacing and it was probably only at that point it struck me that this should and would be a fairly easy pattern. I chose some fabric purchased online for about £3 per metre, which I love the print of but which would be too thin for an unlined dress.
Interfacing attached, I assembled the six pieces as per the instructions. I even researched under stitching as the pattern advised, to make the facings lay flatter and not inclined turn out. This was much easier than anticipated and worked well I think.
There were no other new or tricky techniques and no fastenings to contend with, so the make came together fairly quickly. Next time I think I would French seam it as the insides are quite visible. I chose to pink the edge of the facing but should definitely have done so earlier in the make, as in my haste caught a little of the front of the top, resulting in three tiny diamond shaped holes. I also didn’t hem the bottom right until the end, instead of at the very beginning as advised, and due to lack of patience did mess up on one of the front curves. Why do mistakes always happen in the most visible places? Can you spot them? Look closely!

I will definitely make more, and I think they would make a great gift as they are not fitted at all so sizing shouldn’t be an issue. I think it’s something I’ll wear more of in the warmer weather over summer tops, but I did wear it to work yesterday just over a tshirt.