*Giveaway* Pattern de-stash 

As the summer holidays draw to a close I’m trying to tidy the house and prepare for the new school year. Today I’ve been sorting out my sewing space, and finally got around to sorting through my patterns. All of the patterns below are unused. Some were freebies, some came with magazines, and some I purchased. I am happy to mail them out free of charge, so if you see one you would like please DM me via @makingnmarking on Twitter, and as long as it’s still available I will ask for your address. Any problems re accessing Twitter please leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to keep updating this blog post so you can see what’s still available. I’m not looking to make any money from this, and it feels nice to do a little something for some of the lovely sewists out there. However, if you were inclined to make a small donation (50p, £1?) to a charity of your choice that would be brilliant. If you’d rather not please don’t worry, I have come across so much generosity within the sewing community in the past couple of years. I’m thinking initially of keeping it to a maximum of 2 patterns per person, but if you would like several please list them in order of preference and if no one else expresses interest I will happily forward them on to you. I like the thought of helping out as many sewists as possible 😊 Lastly, I’m keeping this giveaway open to UK residents only. Enjoy! 

Photo 1 –

Pattern 1321 is now taken. Pattern 1613, 2446 and 7812 are all also now taken. 

Photo 2 

Th Amazing Fit Trousers are now taken. 

Photo 3 

6323 (top right) is now taken. K1699 is also now taken. 

Photo 4 

Butterick Bag is now taken. 

Photo 5 

Thread count 5-in-1 is now taken (top right). Thread count 1502 (top left) is also now taken. 

The Walkley is also taken, as is The Lizzy. 

Photo 6 

The kimono dress is now taken. The culottes are now taken. The colour block tunic is also now taken. 

Photo 7 

The keyhole blouse is now taken. 

Photo 8 

Please feel free to reblog/share this post. Thanks for reading. 


25 thoughts on “*Giveaway* Pattern de-stash 

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  1. Ooh thankyou, I don’t really use Twitter but if the following are still free I could definitely put them to good use please: Photo 5 Threadcount 5 in 1 wardrobe builder & Photo 3 Simplicity K1699 (either of these 2). This is very kind of you I will donate to MacMillan when I next see a box.

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  2. For some reason my first reply isn’t showing.
    This is very kind of you thankyou. I could certainly put the Threadcount 5 in 1 wardrobe builder in photo 5 & the Simplicity K1699 in photo 3 (either or), whichever no-one else wants. I’ll put a couple of pounds in the next MacMillan charity box that I see. Cheers & happy destashing!

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  3. I’ve tried to message you in Twitter, a first for me! If the bag pattern’s still available I’d really like it please. I’m more than happy to donate to charity. Also, as a retired primary teacher I have some Monet style lily fabric pieces that I used as a drape. Any use to you?

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  4. Hi, I dont use Twitter but would like a go at making The Walkley in Photo 5. I will make a donation to the first charity box I see tomorrow in our local town. Thankful.

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  5. I’d like from photo 1 1613 and 1321 if they’re still available. Thank you. Sorry I’m not a Twitter user. I’ll donate to Alzheimer’s. I have a lot of the other magazine patterns and should follow your lead. O have given a few away

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  6. Fab idea, if still going I would love to give simp 1613 from photo 1 ago for my daughter who keeps asking for a cold shoulder top, it looks like it wouldn’t need much fabric which is always a bonus. If still free I will donate to Weldmar which is my local cancer charity.

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      1. Just thought I would thank you again for the pattern, it arrived today and is waiting for the perfect fabric to be made up on, I’ve heard the cold shoulder trend will still be in next year which is a bonus 🙂

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  7. So….this is really cheeky….but if the Simplicity 2860 amazing fit trousers are still available (Photo 2) and you haven’t already packaged up the bag pattern I bagged (!) yesterday…could I have that one too please?

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