Next in my alphabet of makes was the H Dress ~ the Hot Pink Dress. I’ll be keeping this post fairly short as it’s not a particularly successful make, or one I’ve worn more than once or twice.

I was very kindly gifted the pattern at the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up at the start of the year. I particularly loved view B – the idea of that nipped in waist and the beautiful red on the pattern envelope probably had a lot to do with it.

I sewed it up in some Makower cotton that I had got for about £6pm from the Textile Centre. It’s a vintage type of print, although not the same era as the 50s dress.

I think one of the main issues with this make is that I should have chosen a fabric with a lot more drape, to really show off the neckline. Even once laundered, the pink rose cotton was still far too stiff, even though it behaved very well during the sewing process.

The pattern called for a side zip, which I included and was fairly happy with, but once made I realised it wasn’t needed as there was plenty of ease.

There are several things about this make I like; the waist darts are nice and there’s a really pretty detail on the shoulder where it becomes the neckline (apologies for the lack of detailed photos). I like the fabric much more than I expected – pink isn’t a colour I typically go for. The length is decent and the kimono type sleeves are nice.

But, because the fabric is wrong, the front neckline doesn’t sit right at all. This combined with the fact that the already loose style of my make (probably more me than the pattern) is now around a size too big for me, means that the future for this dress is uncertain. I’m not even sure there would be ways of altering it to make it wearable – it’s not lined so seams could be brought in but, after the size, it’s mainly the neckline/fabric combo that’s the issue.

Perhaps the Hey-Ho, put it down to experience and learn from it dress (slightly long winded I know) is a more appropriate name. Did it cost me much to make? No. Take hours and hours? No. Did I learn from it to better consider my fabric choices? Yes. So in a sense, it wasn’t a waste of time, effort or money. Plus, I could always use it to sleep in…