Sunday Sevens was created by Nat at Threads and Bobbins as a window to your week. Seven pictures to showcase seven days. Visit her blog to find out more, including how to take part next week. 

The first week of Spring 2 at school was a busy one with little time for making during the week. To counteract that, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about sewing, as this post will indicate. 

1. I’ll start with the most exciting event: I bought a new (to me) sewing machine! 

2. And my first use of her was to make this sweet little fox rattle as a gift. Find out how to make one here

3. I came across this and loved it ~ partly because I feel I’ve achieved it. 

4. I spent some time pondering over how best to store my stash. Answers on a postcard…

5. Sewing related purchases/deliveries this week. The blue is the same as the pink rose fabric on last week’s GBSB.

6. The Monthly Stitch announced the winner for their April challenge! As a lover of all things bird, naturally I was thrilled. 

7. The school shelves at Carlton House are stocked and awaiting the grand opening. I’m intrigued to see what sells and when. All proceeds will go to class charities. 

Have a great week and a good start to the new month. I’ll finish with some words from my grandma, who was born in March 1920. She used to say “March – comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” Here’s hoping.