Time between Christmas and New Year seems to have speeded up, leaving me wondering whether I have enough to collate to create a week’s worth of photos. If you’re trying to blog more this year and looking for inspiration, be sure to visit Nat for plenty of ideas.

1. I have begun using the beautiful new pattern weights I got for Christmas. So much prettier than shop bought.

2. I rediscovered charity shops as a source of vintage sewing supplies.

3. Beautiful early morning dog walks.

4. Took a trip to snowy Retford.

5. Started, and finished, my first Dahlia, blog post to follow.

6. Kissed goodbye to the beautiful Christmas tree.

7. Began to organise my sewing room with a new set of drawers from Ikea. Now just need to find a home for my fabric…

All being well, I’ll be back next week at the latest, with seven more snippets of my life. For everyone back at work on Monday, I wish you well! Have a great week.