Sunday Sevens // 11 2015

A late one this week, as I was determined to have done some sewing prior to publishing! Sunday sevens is a week encapsulated in seven images, so here goes mine. For a full low-down stop by at Nat’s blog

1. I drank some of this for the first time since I was in Berlin for my friend’s hen weekend, back in 2007? Not *quite* the same without the pickled herring.

2. A great Skype Classroom session. My class got to talk to a keeper at a Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary, our class charity this year.

3. I sorted out my jewellery and found some (a fair bit!) which I no longer want/need. 

4. A lovely surprise package from my Nan. 

5. Cooked myself a yummy Saturday breakfast. The rocket worked surprisingly well. 

6. Oliver’s favourite place to keep watch is through the bannisters…

7. I began to emerge from a sewing-free period. Made this pretty, silky top (Simplicity 6035) PLUS another See Kate Sew Zippy Top on Sunday afternoon.

This next week is the final full week of Spring Term, and it promises to be busier than ever. I look forward to updating you with the events this time next week. Until then, enjoy the spring sunshine. 


10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 11 2015

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  1. Wow, two tops from start to finish in one afternoon? They’re great too, really pretty. Thoughtful little parcel from your nan – sweet buttons. Such a cute pic of your dog peeking through the rails!

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  2. Very thoughtful of my Nan :-)) especially as it’s almost her 92nd birthday! Both tops were fairly quick & simple which must have been just what I was in the mood for. And yes, though I’m completely biased – Oliver is a cutie!


  3. Two tops in an afternoon, well done! I was going to make a GBSB shell top this evening but now am out of energy 😦 and you’ve just shown me two new pretty tops 😦 haha. On another subject, I’ve never seen a Skype lesson before! Oh the technology today!

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  4. I think you can imagine my face when I read pickled herring…I’m glad you didn’t any 😡
    I’m impressed with your poached eggs! You’ve made me want some for my lunch now 🙂 Your Nan is so sweet sending you a little package 🙂

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