A Pair of Pennies 

A couple of months ago I joined the Sew Over It PDF club, even though I typically prefer buying printed patterns. When the Penny Dress was released I knew I wanted to make one. Once I'd printed and assembled the pattern I realised I needed wide fabric, which restricted what I could use from my... Continue Reading →


Sunday Sevens // 11 2015

A late one this week, as I was determined to have done some sewing prior to publishing! Sunday sevens is a week encapsulated in seven images, so here goes mine. For a full low-down stop by at Nat's blog. 1. I drank some of this for the first time since I was in Berlin for my... Continue Reading →

August and Everything After

At some point this week there was a change to my daily dog walks. Where there had been pavement, there is now a scattering, just one layer deep, so far, of crisp, pale amber leaves. It's beginning to feel a lot like fall, or autumn for us Brits. This week meant back to school and... Continue Reading →

The Devil’s in the Detail

Today I had resolved to do some school work. So I walked the dogs, ran a couple of errands, did some chores and made two cushion covers. Productive, if misdirected. The completed cushions are to be a gift. They were quick, easy, and my first make since arriving home with my fabric haul on Sunday.... Continue Reading →

Just Around the Corner

As I've said before, teaching is perfect for clean slates and fresh starts, but there is a definite danger of living your life as a constant countdown; to the next holiday, new term or any notable event. This approach meant that whilst enjoying the Welsh sunshine, I was collecting ideas for Christmas crafting. One problem:... Continue Reading →

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