August and Everything After

At some point this week there was a change to my daily dog walks. Where there had been pavement, there is now a scattering, just one layer deep, so far, of crisp, pale amber leaves. It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall, or autumn for us Brits.
This week meant back to school and back to reality for me. Six weeks off then back down to earth with a bump, though a slightly cushioned bump, knowing I’ll soon be taking a group of children to France. Whilst not nearly resembling a holiday it will be a completely different way of spending time with children and immersing them totally in a different culture and country.
I spent the week intending to blog about new (school) year resolutions and the changing season, but quickly became immersed in my class, classroom, and several new term duties. A week in and my number one resolution is pretty much the same as always: organisation. Planning ahead and making the best use of time are crucial, especially if I want to balance my marking with making, which I very much do.
To this end, yesterday I decided to organise the dining room, which, as dining rarely takes place there, doubles as my sewing room. It’s bright and airy, and has the large table which I am free to cover with all things crafty. Over the summer I’d accumulated more fabric, accessories and tools so I spread everything across the table to decide where to begin. Fabric storage options are something I’m still investigating, and I’ve seen recommendations on using comic book sheets of card used effectively, with fabric wrapped around for neat and rigid storage. Yesterday my mum gave me a colourful woven bag she’d bought in Mexico, so I designated that as suitable for FQ’s and partially used metres and half metres.
I sorted Christmas fabrics and vaguely put plains and patterns in order, but also kept some in the groups I had bought them in. For want of a better option, I put my complete metres and half metres back in an Ikea box which is suitable simply because of size.

Finally, I got to my main motivation for re-organising: three stacking bird suitcases that I’d bought in North Yorkshire. Now, to my mind, every design or decorative object can be improved by adding one or more birds to it, so I could not resist treating myself to the suitcases. Inside them I have stored ribbon in one, general craft supplies in another and a group of items loosely categorised as fastenings; although I am hesitant to use them I have no qualms buying them.

Now I’m good to go, and as long as I apply the same organisation to school, hopefully I’ll be able to complete both work and home tasks to a good standard and ahead of time. Wish me luck.


2 responses to “August and Everything After

  1. This looks all too organised! I can’t believe how your fabric stash has built up. I can see some lovely prints in there! The suitcases are brilliant, very you!! I love the change in theme too! 🙂


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So pleased with my purchases from the @johnlewisretail sale today! 4m of Robert Kaufman denim + What was left of some @atelierbrunette cotton + some @makoweruk metallic spot. Plus some pretty she’ll buttons that were less than half price 🙌🏼 All came to a total of £36.50. Now to figure out whether I can use any of them for my #2018makenine plans 🤔 •
#buttons #makersgonnamake #imakethings #dressmaking #sales #shopping #bargains The light isn’t great but here’s my second @sewoveritlondon #soivintageshirtdress hot off the machine. This one is made using some chambray coloured cotton from @fabworksmillshop leftover from an @theavidseamstress #daydress I made quite a while ago. The buttons feel like quite a statement and I’m hoping they don’t detract from the dress. I sewed this up as a size 12 and it fits SO much better than the 14. •
#sewmystyle #sewoveritlondon #sewoverit #vintageshirtdress #chambray #sleeveless #dressmaking #imakethings #makersgonnamake #sewersgonnasew #holidaysewing #buttons The only fabric I purchased (so far) in the sales just arrived from @misformake ~ the mason jars is a brushed cotton and the floral (+ snails! 🐌) is a cotton lawn. I only have a couple of metres of each so I’m not sure what I’ll make yet 🤔
#goodpostday #happymail #fabric #sales #salebuys #endofrolls #endofbolt #makersgonnamake #imakethings #sewersgonnasew Finished! My first @sewoveritlondon #vintageshirtdress made with @dashwoodstudio #flurry fabric with 8 vintage red buttons. I cut out the paper pattern and made a size 14, but I think it’s come up a little large and now I’m regretting not tracing it off - which I nearly always do. I’m hoping I’ll be able to nip it in with a belt, as other than that I’m pretty happy with it. I would like to make a sleeveless version in a 12 to compare but I’m not sure how best to size down a pattern I’ve already cut 🤷🏻‍♀️
#soivintageshirtdress #dashwoodstudio #shirtdress #collar #handmade #Imakethings #memade #dressmaking #January Searching through my vintage buttons for 8 that are a suitable match for my almost finished @sewoveritlondon #vintageshirtdress 🧐
#buttons #vintage #retro #choices #preloved #recycle #reuse Last year I realised I could sometimes combine 2 of my favourite things: running and dog walking. Oliver is less compliant, unsurprisingly, but Wilf just loves to run. 
In 2017 we completed 3 #canicross races together, as well as several parkruns. He gets very excited at the beginning, particularly when there is lots of clapping or lots of other dogs. Wilf keeps me company on lots of training runs, both on his harness if we are running on the road and off the lead if we’re on the trails. He’s happy to go on very early or very late runs. He even looks disappointed if I head out in my trainers without him. 
I’ve already booked our first couple of canicross races for 2018, and this year I plan to log how many miles Wilfie runs too. He’s a good dog. •
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