For the last couple of days I’ve been dipping in and out of a new blog and corresponding fabric website, The downside? It’s American, with $24 shipping to the UK for up to 10 yards (yep, yards not metres). The upside? A HUGE selection of beautiful prints from a wide range of designers. Most of what I’ve looked at comes in around $10-$12 per yard which I think is a lot cheaper than UK equivalents. I’m currently on the lookout for a fabric to use for my upcoming dressmaking class, so something that I like enough to want to wear, but also affordable enough to be able to indulge in the necessary 2.5-3 metres. Anyway, tonight I’ve begun adding items in my basket. None of which are suitable for my dressmaking project, they’re just cute as in kawai, great colour schemes and fabulously fantastical designs.

Do you approve? I’m not sure if I’ll order all of them, but it is somewhat cathartic imagining I might.
As I’ve only been sewing a few months, I’m still finding out which designers I like. So far I know I like Michael Miller (I’ve previously indulged in some of his fat quarters, including a Christmas bundle that I can’t wait to get crafty with) and Alexander Henry. I also like Art Gallery Fabrics, and of course lust after Liberty but it’s rarely within my price range. Who are your favourites and where you do you like to shop? If you’re in the UK, do you know of any US sites with good shipping deals?