Bundles of Joy

It already seems that September is a the season of babies. This week I know of at least three arriving, coincidentally all boys. Now, I don’t know much about babies but I do know that most of them are sick quite a lot. Whilst ‘Burp Cloths’ isn’t the most appealing name for a gift, it looked like there could be a way to make baby sick a little bit more bearable. I’d seen this pattern on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and liked the simplicity as well as the range of fabrics. I liked the idea of sewing with flannel so looked online and ordered some winceyette, the name of which reminds me of old, candy-striped bed sheets.

Today I tried the pattern out. As I’m still awaiting a new printer, once again it was necessary to try and trace the pattern from my iPad – not recommended. I then chose a couple of boy friendly fabrics from my stash and marked out the pattern on both them and the flannel. I decided I’d make a few at a time and so them in stages.

I cut out two each of two fabrics, both yellow and green animal designs.

I pinned each fabric together, right side in and left a gap for turning them right side around, then stitched them together. Next I had to notch out triangles of fabric on the curves, which I think is to make it lay better and pull less when it is pressed. This was the most faffy part of the whole process, not at all tricky but all the other bits seemed to come together so quickly.

I then turned each burp cloth right way around and pressed it, starting with folding in the open bit. I really like how this did not need to be sewn shut, because the top sewing did the job. I then top sewed around the edge of each cloth and trimmed the loose threads. Then the first batch was completed!


I then whipped up another four, which took between an hour and an hour and a half. They are now awaiting new homes where they will enjoy a lifetime of mopping up sick. But at least they’ll look pretty.





2 responses to “Bundles of Joy

  1. These are very cute! I really like the prints you have used too šŸ™‚ AND you now have finishing experience; top stitching! Woohoo!


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