I’m constantly coming up with questions about sewing, regarding best practice, fabric choice or technique. I love that taking up dressmaking means I am constantly learning, but despite the books on my shelf, my dedicated Twitter account and several more knowledgeable friends, sometimes I’m left wondering and without answer. This has made me think that I would like to use some of my blog posts as a way of seeking advice, as well as sharing my making. Hopefully this will mean I remember to share tips or useful links as a means of exchange for recommendations.

Today I have a couple of ‘tips’. One is a new online store I discovered and the other is a couple of new blogs I have come across and been amazed by this week. Perhaps you already know about them all, but this time last week I didn’t and I have enjoyed discovering each of them. It’s important to say that this post is by no means sponsored, affiliated or related in any way to anything I’m signposting.

The store is Kats Fabrics, an eBay store whose wares include Liberty in pre cut lengths such as 2.4 or 3.2 metres, but at great prices. Last night I ordered this beauty, £24 for 2.4 metres.

It’s to this that my question relates, but more of that in a moment. I would love to know if you go on to place an order, as I found it very hard to restrain myself and buy just one Liberty print and already have my eye on a couple of others…

The blogs I’ve stumbled across belong to Roisin and Amy and I’m mentioning them both for the same reason. Both of these blogs showcase so many beautiful dresses and left me feeling completely in awe and inspired for the upcoming year. I will be checking back to see their latest makes frequently, as they both appear to be prolific sewists and bloggers, a perfect combination. You’ll notice that I’m so impressed by Roisin’s latest make that I’ve already ordered some identical fabric.

Finally, on to my question. I’m pretty well stocked up on fabric at the moment, so I’m looking for patterns to do them all justice.

Can you recommend a dress pattern that only calls for between 2 and 2.5 metres of fabric?

I’m already looking forward to hearing what you come up with. Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday.