Sunday Sevens // 2 2015

The second Sunday Sevens of 2015, seven pictorial insights into my week. If you like the look of this idea, nip over to Nat’s blog and find out more.


1. I spent my Sunday night sewing and sipping Baileys, making the most of every last minute of the holidays.


2. Finished my first #rubydress. This is the first garment I have managed to make between Sunday evening and Friday.


3. Wilfie is particularly wiry at this time of year, so I gave him a good brush. He enjoyed it, for a while at least, and pulled this (slightly crazed) face.


4. Friday night sewing ~ with a cocktail! What’s not to love?


5. It’s fairly stormy here this week, and I took this on a Saturday morning stroll. Just after this I saw a kingfisher, but had no chance of photographing him. Next time!


6. I’ve been fairly restrained in the after Christmas sales, but I did indulge in a couple of purchases from Cath Kidston. This is one of them, a new weekend bag in my favourite style to keep my hands free for lead-holding and bag-carrying.


7. I’ve succeeded in preparing my lunches each day this week (no school dinners, yet!) but today I did sample some Italian delights. Lemon, pistachio and hazelnut. Delicious!



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  1. Beautiful photographs this week! I put the exact same bag in the shopping cart on Cath Kidston!!!…it’s $15 to ship though so I am holding on until we have a place of our own so I can do a big order! 🙂

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