As I’ve said before, teaching is perfect for clean slates and fresh starts, but there is a definite danger of living your life as a constant countdown; to the next holiday, new term or any notable event. This approach meant that whilst enjoying the Welsh sunshine, I was collecting ideas for Christmas crafting.

One problem: no Christmas print fabric! I began filling my eBay basket with fat quarters – a relatively inexpensive way of purchasing a selection of different fabrics. Today, towards the end of August, they arrived.
Tasteful Scandinavian prints:

Traditional festive designs:

And finally, my favourites for their Canadian quality, although they are in need of an iron. Cardinals and blue jays. Beautiful.

Clearly buying fabric makes me happy. At £1.65 per FQ this batch wasn’t as much of a splurge as the one earlier this week, but I think I really need to start making to justify all of my investment. I’ve found a Christmas stocking design I like but would welcome any other suggestions for festive projects using smaller pieces of material.