On the eve of Me-Made-May 2019 I’m writing a quick post about how I will be taking part in this year’s challenge. I’ve popped my pledge over on the So-Zo Blog:

I, Camilla, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear memade items 5/7 days each week during May 2019. 
I also pledge to consider gaps in my spring and summer wardrobe and to tailor any sewing I do this month to filling them. 

I look forward to seeing everyone else taking part in the challenge, and to wearing my beautiful pin!

It’s a bit woolly I know but I haven’t had chance to clearly think through what I would like to do in terms of productivity this month. Secondly, I do now wear me-made most week days and at weekends when I’m not in running gear, so 5/7 gives me enough flexibility to intermingle a bit of RTW should the need arise – although at the end of April I have still not bought a single garment since 2018. I did however just replace my trail runners.

This post also seems like a good place to update my #2019makenine. So far I have sewn up and worn 4/9 patterns so still have 5 remaining. I now have had all the patterns printed at the copy shop so I’m all set. I would say the make I am the most pleased with so far is the Marigold trousers (not yet blogged) as I feel like they may be the doorway into the magical world of trousers. At present I’m drooling over the beautiful solid colour Atelier Brunette crepes Minerva have just started stocking. I’m thinking these could be the summer trousers of dreams and could be teamed with so many varieties and colours of tops. I am also keen to sew up the full jumpsuit version, and I think I have the perfect fabric in my stash.

I have actually been sewing fairly consistently for the past few months and I’d love to maintain this as the summer approaches, particularly because I know my wardrobe has a fair few gaps. As well as refining my trouser making I also often shy away from skirts, which I actually wear to work a lot, so there’s plenty to keep me busy.

I’m not great at photographing my outfits day to day but I am looking forward to seeing all the updates on social media from everyone taking part and of course wearing their pins – if you haven’t grabbed one yet hop over to Fabric Godmother.

Merry Me-Made-May, everyone!