New Year, New Me? No thanks.

Yes it's the third of January already, but I've been mentally planning this post for a good few days, and finally found the time to write it. I'm sure your social media news feeds are awash with similar content to mine; lots of resolutions to change, make more, do more, eat less, cleanse, be mindful,... Continue Reading →


Resilient ~ final Photo Challenge of 2016

There were various options I considered for this post, particularly following a spell of frosty weather, during which nature braces itself and then continues to flourish once the thaw comes.  In the end, these geese seemed to epitomise the prompt. Regardless of the weather, of what is happening on land, in cities, and in houses... Continue Reading →

Path ~ Photo Challenge 

Much of my time is spent walking (or running) on footpaths and trails. This photo was taken mid-dog walk, on a warm day in late spring. It's by no means a scenic location but it reminds me to look for beauty in the most unlikely locations. 

The K Dress 

Judging by the date of my first photo of this make, it's more than SIX months since I completed the K Dress - the Kriss Kross dress. I know, I'm bending the rules of the title slightly, but it turns out K is a tricky letter to work with.  It's another Simplicity 1873, lined bodice,... Continue Reading →

New Horizon ~ Photo Challenge 

This week's photo challenge talks about making plans and resolutions. Reflecting over the past year I'm struck with a realisation - that it is crucial to do what you love and love what you do.  My chosen photo therefore is from an event this week. Children and families spent an evening after school creating Christmas... Continue Reading →


Put your feet up and relax. Or, more likely, take the dogs for a walk and relax. My other main method of relaxation is sewing, during which I become immersed in the task in hand. 

It’s not this time of year without 

Whilst I don't celebrate Thanksgiving (though have appreciated the Black Friday sales) I do enjoy the run up to the festive season.  For me, it's not this time of year without:  Christmas crafts - I'm hoping to give more handmade gifts this year.  And also warming winter beverages, especially when it's icy outside. 

The J Dress

So it's (past) mid November and I am sooo behind in terms of sewing, blogging and generally being organised. I've decided to blog my J Dress without photos of it being worn, mainly because the wintry weather (it snowed - or at least sleeted - yesterday) means I won't be wearing this summery make again... Continue Reading →


The prompt for this week's photo challenge is magic.  The first photo I've chosen was taken a couple of weeks ago during a school visit to Sherwood Pines. To me these chairs had a definite air of wizardry and magic.  I've chosen this second one because of the magic that's intrinsic to the subject -... Continue Reading →


The theme for this week's photo challenge is Tiny, and the delicate detail of the feet of this robin, captured last month at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, came to mind immediately.  Tiny 


This week's photo challenge definitely caused me to get my thinking cap on. Transmogrify - here's what I came up with:  An outdoor wall built of not one but two types of brick - regular and Lego.    I took this in Bradford on a night away and theatre trip with my mum earlier this... Continue Reading →

The I Dress 

My I Dress is the Iced Tea Dress, so named because of the summery citrus print of the fabric. I half think it's a little bit like a tablecloth, which luckily I don't object to too much.  Here we are again, I really liked this dress when I made it. I wore it to brunch... Continue Reading →

*Giveaway* Pattern de-stash 

As the summer holidays draw to a close I'm trying to tidy the house and prepare for the new school year. Today I've been sorting out my sewing space, and finally got around to sorting through my patterns. All of the patterns below are unused. Some were freebies, some came with magazines, and some I... Continue Reading →

The H Dress 

Next in my alphabet of makes was the H Dress ~ the Hot Pink Dress. I'll be keeping this post fairly short as it's not a particularly successful make, or one I've worn more than once or twice.  I was very kindly gifted the pattern at the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up at the start of... Continue Reading →

The G Dress

I'm almost embarrassed by how long it is since I sewed up this dress ~ put it this way, more than a term has passed in the mean time. I named it the G Dress, because it's a gradual dress ~ I cut it out and faffed around for a while before it was finally... Continue Reading →

Making the Most of the Summer

The summer break is here, and it's that lovely time when anything seems possible, and I have endless possibilities of things that I could/should/hope to do during the holidays. It's a time to get organised with practical but necessary stuff; medical/dental appointments, banking and other bits of chores and housekeeping. It's a chance to reflect... Continue Reading →

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