My entry for this week’s Sewisfaction #GBSBSewalong is another Mandy Boat Tee. Long story short, I didn’t start thinking about a project until the weekend and then procrastinated further yesterday, so didn’t allow myself much time for the actual sewing. Having made my first Mandy Boat Tee last weekend, and worn it twice during the week, I knew it was a speedy make and something wearable AND seasonally appropriate. Also, the fabric I used was the link to the Sustainability aspect.

I was surprised at how much I loved last week’s GBSB! It was great to see how different garments and fabrics can be re-purposed, and I really liked some of the vintage fabrics. Hopping straight on to eBay I noted that beautiful curtains from the 1950s are clearly highly desirable and many carry a hefty price tag accordingly. It then struck me how crazy it would be to buy some fabric for Sustainability week – my stash is overflowing and I knew I would almost definitely have something that I could use. In the end I prewashed 3 more pieces from the suitcase of fabric I was gifted a couple of years ago, dating from the 1970s-80s I believe.

This fabric is a soft and drapey man-made material that may well be polyester. It’s a kind of floral/leafy design that is really not disimilar to what you might find for sale now.  The colours seem quite autumnal but the fabric is quite light and cool so it’s good for the warmer weather. Again, I like the swingy style of the top with the more fitted sleeves to balance. It’s a size 3 with 3/4 sleeves, sewn on the overlocker other than the hems and neckline.

I’m trying to really reduce the amount of clothing I own and purchase. Since January 1st I haven’t bought any RTW garments and I have been actively reducing the amount of clothing in my wardrobe by selling it on eBay. Not only is this improving my bank balance a little, but hopefully it’s also ensuring my unwanted clothes are going to new homes where they will be worn and appreciated for much longer. I always donated clothes to charity shops and still do so but if they are in good condition it’s obviously brilliant to get something back. I’m also trying to work on my stash, by shopping it and again also selling some of the pieces of fabric I don’t feel inspired by or have leftover from a project.

As well as reducing the amount of garments I buy I have also had some shoes re-heeled, which I would previously have replaced straight away. I’m trying to reduce what I consume overall – and trying to shop more responsibly but it’s so difficult considering how much plastic wrapping there is on fresh fruit and vegetables from the supermarket. I’ve also bought extra large bottles of shampoo and conditioner plus some of my toiletries are now in glass bottles. I’m eating homemade yoghurt from Tupperware containers and using a metal bottle to bring water to school each day. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.