I haven’t sewed up a garment since the Christmas holidays. At February half term I took my machine and several crafty projects away with me, but I couldn’t settle to anything, preferring to read or lounge in front of Netflix, so they all came back home untouched. Now the Easter holidays have begun, and especially with such inclement weather, I am hoping to rediscover my sewjo and select a project or two to rekindle my interest.

During the Christmas holidays I sewed four or five garments, including my first Mcall’s 7353. I used some heavy red jersey purchased from B and M Fabrics in Leeds during a 2016 Sew Up North meet up. It was inexpensive; £4 or £5 per metre, and, as usual for me, I purchased it with no project in mind. This Mcall’s pattern appealed to me because it looked warm and snuggly.

I sewed it up on my regular machine (no, I still haven’t braved my overlocker) using a ball point needle and zigzag stitch. I don’t recall that there were any complications, it came together quickly. The weight of the fabric could be the reason that the collar is inclined to flip so the wrong side of the fabric can be visible, although a hand stitch or two would probably be enough to remedy this.

I’ve worn this dress a couple of times, to work and out of work, and it is definitely warm and comfy. I think I could have gone down one size, and this may contribute to the reason why I don’t feel particularly smart in this dress – maybe it’s a bit too casual? I think I would make another but grade down a size and perhaps try some lighter weight fabric. My stash is currently composed of mainly cottons and barely any knits, so I’m going to be choosing woven friendly projects for a bit before I can justify purchasing more, although the prospect of a trip to Fabworks is always appealing.