This time of year always fills me with dread, and in all honesty I count down to the shortest day almost as much as I do to Christmas. For 2020, this is exacerbated by the current restrictions, so I wanted to write a blog post, for the first time months, about the ways in which I’m facing the coming months and how I hope to make it through to December 21st and beyond.

A trio of crocheted pumpkins purchased from the wonderful mavi_yarn
Last week the new half term began, and I resolved that I will spend some time, every (week) day, running or sewing. I run or walk every day but my running frequency and mileage have decreased for no particular reason. Sewing-wise, I’m by no means pledging to sew up multiple garments per week, but even making the time to pin or iron a seam or cut out a pattern is progress. My plan is to spend some time each day doing something I enjoy, that feels positive and productive. Although I’m only a week in, I ran 4 times last week and sewed on 5 or 6 of the days which felt like an achievement.
Sewing supported by Wilf

I’ve also been finding comfort in escapism through books and TV. I’ve really upped My podcast game this year; my absolute favourite being Adam Buxton but I’ve found lately the Love to Sew podcast really motivates me to be creative. I still don’t spend as much time as I like reading but I’m currently enjoying Overstory and have been sent two books from two friends so have recommendations lined up. Which brings me to another adjustment – I’ve spent more time keeping in touch with friends, particularly my oldest friends who I’m a little out of touch with. It’s mainly through social media and often short and sweet but it’s lovely to be back in regular contact.

Breathing through the seasons

Finally, I’m trying to do that clichéd thing of being more present – to reduce my screen and scrolling time and to instead feel I’m being useful. Yesterday this meant emptying the plant pots of wilting summer flowers and preparing the garden for winter. I also baked flapjack, made toad in the hole and turned a gone-wrong dress into a top. For me, being purposeful and feeling accomplished in my free time – in conjunction with watching back to back episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix – makes me feel better. And I’m not looking at the bigger picture. I’m taking it a week at a time and doing my best to find pleasure and positivity in each day.

I’ll also be spending time each day walking or running with the dogs ❤️

I’d love to hear your top tips for self-care and staying well at the moment. Right now, I’m off to light a scented and change the needle in my machine.