The Road Taken ~ Photo Challenge 

There couldn't be a more ordinary commute than the route I walk to work each day. I pass houses, car forecourts and small businesses, and most days I inhale the morning air but observe nothing of note.  This photo was taken one morning when the sky decided to do something just a little unusual.and breathtaking. My... Continue Reading →


A good match ~ photo challenge 

During a dog walk I spotted this peacock butterfly resting for a moment on a sculpture on a reclaimed pit top. The similarities, shapes and positioning caught my attention. A good match. 

Against the Odds ~ Photo Challenge 

This photo was taken on a beach in Northern France back in September. We'd spent ages laying out leftover baguette and crisps for the gulls who swooped overhead, until finally I snapped this ~ just on my phone. We'd begun tossing pieces of bread up in the air to tempt/taunt the birds into coming nearer.... Continue Reading →

Shadow ~ Photo Challenge 

My entries for this week's photo challenge were taken in the better weather, when shadows tend to be longer and even in England we see more of the sun.  The first image was taken on one of my usual dog walking route, in a very ordinary car park.  The second photo was taken during an... Continue Reading →

Solitude ~ Photo Challenge 

This photo of a cormorant was taken at Clumber Park a few months ago, when I was experimenting with my new zoom lens.  Solitude: sometimes you have to go out on a limb to find some peace. 

Repurpose ~ Photo Challenge 

Just before Christmas my mum and I visited Salt's Mill near Bradford, a huge old mill which now runs as a gallery and book shop, amongst other things. I believe Saltaire is a world heritage site. 

Ambience ~ Photo Challenge 

Although it was taken in autumn, the sunset and golden light streaming through the trees definitely reminds me of the ambience of a warm summer's day, and long dog walks as the light fades. 

Names – first photo challenge of 2017

Here's my entry for the first photo challenge of the year. It's a vintage cardboard box that I use to store Christmas decorations. It originally came from my grandparents house from when my mum was a little girl. I love the retro design, and the provenance. 

Resilient ~ final Photo Challenge of 2016

There were various options I considered for this post, particularly following a spell of frosty weather, during which nature braces itself and then continues to flourish once the thaw comes.  In the end, these geese seemed to epitomise the prompt. Regardless of the weather, of what is happening on land, in cities, and in houses... Continue Reading →

Path ~ Photo Challenge 

Much of my time is spent walking (or running) on footpaths and trails. This photo was taken mid-dog walk, on a warm day in late spring. It's by no means a scenic location but it reminds me to look for beauty in the most unlikely locations. 

New Horizon ~ Photo Challenge 

This week's photo challenge talks about making plans and resolutions. Reflecting over the past year I'm struck with a realisation - that it is crucial to do what you love and love what you do.  My chosen photo therefore is from an event this week. Children and families spent an evening after school creating Christmas... Continue Reading →


Put your feet up and relax. Or, more likely, take the dogs for a walk and relax. My other main method of relaxation is sewing, during which I become immersed in the task in hand. 

It’s not this time of year without 

Whilst I don't celebrate Thanksgiving (though have appreciated the Black Friday sales) I do enjoy the run up to the festive season.  For me, it's not this time of year without:  Christmas crafts - I'm hoping to give more handmade gifts this year.  And also warming winter beverages, especially when it's icy outside. 


The prompt for this week's photo challenge is magic.  The first photo I've chosen was taken a couple of weeks ago during a school visit to Sherwood Pines. To me these chairs had a definite air of wizardry and magic.  I've chosen this second one because of the magic that's intrinsic to the subject -... Continue Reading →


The theme for this week's photo challenge is Tiny, and the delicate detail of the feet of this robin, captured last month at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, came to mind immediately.  Tiny 

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