When my dad went to Mexico I asked whether there would be space in his suitcase to bring back some fabric. I thought it was the perfect holiday souvenir; inexpensive and different from what’s available in the UK as well as having minimal impact on luggage allowance. My dad agreed to look and when my mum flew home, she brought with her 3 types of fabric. Two of a blue and white tribal type print that I really like, and one of a very colourful, cartoony print that randomly featured a French print.

Today I attempted to create my first piece of clothing: pyjama bottoms. I love to buy pyjamas and buy many more than necessary, but it’s a simple item that I felt was a relatively safe step towards dressmaking.

I consulted a few books and opted for the most straightforward method: creating a pattern by drawing around some PJs I already own. This may also be thought of as cheating. I used squared paper and added a seam allowance. From there, I hemmed up the sides, stitches the two legs together then folded back and ironed the fabric to create a waistband and then hemmed the trouser legs. The waist band needed elastic threading through before the gap was closed, and this step made a big difference to the trousers as I has used a pair that I favour because of room and comfort. And they have sausage dogs stitched all over.

I learnt a few things from this project, and there are several things I would do differently next time. I would make the waist higher. Due to fabric size restrictions, this pair are cropped and therefore summery. The legs are straight with no curves or tapering.

In the mean time I have made something that is wearable, comfortable and above all, very, very bright.