A short and sweet Sunday Sevens this week, working on the theory that something is better than nothing. For full details on how to participate properly, jump over to Nat’s blog. 

1. View during a dog walk at dusk. 

2. I haven’t sewn for a week! At all! Here’s my next Cambie dress all cut out and waiting. 

3. Not sure it’s the season, but the camellia in my garden is in flower. 

4. I gave my mum the top I had made her for Mother’s Day. It fit well and she liked it. 

5. The planetarium came to school! 

6. At last, found a cafe I love at Meadowhall. Even toast and jam there is delicious.

7. I’m in desperate need of new slippers (a first world problem, I know) I’ve yet to find any I like so currently wearing some that originally belonged to my mum. 

My aim for this week is to get back to sewing, and to take more pictures. Have a good one!