This week was unlike any other. A team of inspectors visited my school and beyond that it’s a blur, Monday lunchtime to Wednesday night merged into one and I’m still a little dazed. Needless to say, making has not been at the forefront of my thoughts this week, though thinking of being able to relax a little and enjoy Christmas kept me going. For this reason, this week’s post may be slightly random, but here goes. As always, to find out more on Sunday Sevens, just visit Nat’s blog Threads and Bobbins.


1. Oliver helped me with some (very) late night lesson planning.

2. On Wednesday I came home to a couple of parcels that made me smile.

3. I saw this and it’s too perfect not to include:


4. My thoughts began to turn to Christmas and getting organised to post cards to people in far flung places.


5. Beautiful traditional/vintage decorations in M&S. Fond memories of the Christmas I worked there whilst at Uni in York in 2001.


6. Addiction is a strong word, but true to say that I’ve craved one of these all week.


7. Wearing in newly purchased boots on my Saturday night dog walk. All my boots are brown and either flat or with a low heel. I’m a creature of habit.