Nat at Threads and Bobbins would be happy to tell you what Sunday Sevens is all about and how you can take part next week. 

A crazy busy week at work preparing paperwork that is part of my job as special needs coordinator. I enjoy a challenge but am relieved that phase of the process is over. My laptop and I spent a lot of the week bonding, so consequently my seven pictures are mainly from the weekend. Hopefully you’ll let me off, just this once. 

1. I started (and finished!) my first make from the latest GBSB book. Blog post to follow.

2. Took the dogs for a walk somewhere they could have a run. Had two tired but contented dogs for the rest of the day. 

3. I bought myself this bunch of anemones for a bargain £2 from the supermarket last weekend. So beautiful! 

4. A couple of charity shop finds. I’m sure they’ll be useful, I’m just not sure what for. 

5. Washing on the line! And it dried! More proof that spring is edging closer. 

6. Apparently I’ve developed an addiction to these:

7. While we are on the subject of food, there’s a retro yellow van that has started gracing the streets of worksop. I tried the lemon cake, just to be polite. 

Houseguests are arriving this week, in the form of my parents. The dogs are looking forward to extra fuss. Have a good one, and remember to keep coming up for air – especially if it’s sunny.