This Sunday Sevens is brought to you at the end of half term, which has been a lovely week but passed by in a blink of an eye. As always, head over to Nat’s blog to find full details of how you can participate in next week’s Sunday Sevens. 

1. I’ve developed a taste for Moscow Mules – a longer drink for the summer months but with the warmth of ginger for chilly evenings. 

2. Completed two duplicate makes for Indie Pattern Month – full post coming tomorrow! 

I3.  I set up a new blog to share my dad’s emails, which detail his travels in Asia. He’s currently in Thailand, on the River Kwai and heading for Myanmar. His blog is 

 4. Half term is a time for catching up with friends and family, but also on household jobs that have been delayed during term time. I spent a few hours in the garden, clearing, weeding, and generally hacking away at anything I didn’t feel belonged.  
5.  On a similar note, I had a really good sort through my clothes, and ended up with four stuffed charity bags of clothes that either don’t fit me or I simply don’t like to wear. I enjoyed sifting through everything and being able to see what I’ve got. 

6. Obligatory dog walking photo. Although they have only been local, I’ve enjoyed the walks this week. 

7. I met baby Vinny for the first time. Now aged seven weeks, he’s a real sweetheart, and a very happy, settled and contented baby.  

It’s now the beginning of the last half term of the school year. There’s plenty to organise and lots to look forward to, and I plan to make the most of the lovely long days. I hope June brings lots of long-awaited sunshine to us all.