Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series created by the lovely Nat at Threads and Bobbins. Check out her blog for the low down. 

The first week of Summer 2 was a return to the bustle and busyness of teaching, meaning the week passed in a blur which was punctuated mainly by dog walks. 

1. I perused a couple of books in search of possible patterns for TMS’s Indie Pattern Month. Not yet made anything from this book – have you? 

2. Stinky little Oliver had a good roll in something particularly potent during a dog walk, meaning he was subjected to an unscheduled bath. 

3.  On a different walk from normal I passed through the station in Worksop  on a quiet evening. 

4.  Back to an extreme emphasis on dog walks, one late walk afforded me this beautiful scene, with just a little help from Instagram, naturally. 

5. Beautiful laburnum in the warm spring sunshine.   

6. Took a trip to Barnsley with my mum, and purchased just one type of fabric (bonus photo below!) This picture was taken in a small gallery whilst I was scoffing coffee and carrot cake. 

   7.  Dress difficulties, which are continuing. The dress I had cut out is too narrow so I’m currently in the process of trying to sew it up as a top. I’ll be returning afresh in the morning! 

 Lots in the diary again this week, so have a good one 🙂